Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Eight deer came to the back yesterday. Hungry. Expectant. Confused. How could I just sit there on my side of the glass and not pop up to feed them as I always do?

How do you explain to deer that they've eaten you out of house and home? They are eating 20 pounds of food a day? You are OUT of deer food and have resorted to putting out your own human food just because you cannot stand the sad look in their eyes? Well, let's just say I tried telling them that, and they staged a protest. All eight of them collapsed their fold up legs and laid down before me and waited.

I took the hint, got car keys, shoes and coat and went in search of provisions. While returning to my car with the goods, I said to the Universe, "I need a windfall. There are lots of things I want to do that require money. Bring it." Of course you know what happened, a large gust came up blowing litter and dust from the parking lot up into a swirl and nearly hitting me in the face.

I brought the food in from the car, poured it into the pans for the deer and stopped. The noise was deafening. The two wind chimes I have hung, one in front and one in back, were ringing wildly.

No accidents.

No scarcity.

Om mani padme hung.



Kim said...

Just beautiful! Oh, those sweet deer eyes.

Those deer have realized what your devoted friends and readers have known for quite a while now: no matter what, Carrie Link always has enough to give. In your circle, there is never scarcity and always abundance.

lo said...

Chills! You give me Chills!

Michelle O'Neil said...

bring it!

Go Mama said...

Bring it! Bring it!
(But maybe instead of wind...ask for money!)

holly said...

March winds gonna blow all my trouble away!


grammer said...

you for the deer, me for the birds. i know how this song goes. feng shui says leave the food out there however -- hang it, haul it -- for abundance yields abundance.

bring it, indeed.

Deb said...

May your prayers bring you abundance in all things - just maybe not so many deer.

marge said...

I just love this. They will miss you so much. Yes Bring it.
Love and Peace

Drama Mama said...

I understand.

I feel that way with certain students, that I am asking for provisions constantly, and miraculously, they're still getting what they need. It's still going through me. EVEN when I'm "empty".

I LOVED this one. Great, good post.

kario said...

I love imagining your silent companions in Sisters, watching you, spurring you to action, reminding you of so many important things.

Love you.