Wednesday, March 05, 2008


A big thank you to all those that called, e-mailed and posted comments to let me know I was being reckless going off my meds cold turkey. Cold turkey is TFBS. I am going Tepid Turkey now. I am going, as Tracy Grammer put it, part way up the ramp again before going back down. When I heard going off Paxil was harder than going off heroin, that did it, I have never been a heroin addict, and let me just say, I for sure won't be becoming one now, BRUTAL is the only word to describe it.

So, rest assured, I'm part way up the ramp again, and will be careful and wise going down. HT (Hot Toddy - Michelle O'Neil's husband) has given me a taper off program much more wise and responsible.

The good news is, the next time my ego feels it needs extra attention, I'll just post a blog about going off my meds! BUT, my ego won't be doing that TFBS, because I am part of Oprah's on-line class with Eckhart Tolle! I studied A NEW EARTH pretty intensely last summer, but it's the kind of thing you need to keep hearing and working on. I am a big Oprah fan, and I personally think this is the greatest thing she's ever done. I love that she's making her webcasts FREE to download on I-Tunes or her website. I encourage everyone to do so.

Oprah also earned extra credit for pronouncing Oregon (Orygun) to about a billion people, when a caller from here was identified. The other area for which I am giving her a double A++ is her answer to the question, how does she reconcile her Christianity with the information in this book? That is, I think, the biggest obstacle, for people embracing this spirituality. She recommended some great books, talked about how she is a Christian, but she does not believe it is the only "way" and she doesn't believe Christ came to start Christianity. I agree 100%. I am a HUGE Jesus lover. Period. For me, the big moment in my life when I had to add paths to that path, was when I was told all the Holocaust survivors were still going to hell unless they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Just cannot get my arms around that. Period.

And, as long as I'm talking religion, I might as well talk politics! GO, OBAMA! You in Pennsylvania, we've got 7 weeks for you to do your thing! Let's get it going! Hope. What is wrong with hope? He is the human who can bring the change our planet SO DESPERATELY needs!



Jerri said...

Only love, Carrie. and a little tepid turkey. Makes a great sandwich, I hear.

Terry Whitaker said...

Yeah, OBAMA, Yeah to Tapering, Yeah to Oprah and Eckart--I am deeply into the book right now and it is pulling me through, big time. Yeah to your affirmations. They are a piece, too. Yeah to Michelle and Hot Toddy, who make the world go round.

holly said...

Breathing a big sigh of relief for you. Love you.

Ands, not so proud to be from ohio today. They're always screwing things up.

La La said...


kario said...

Okay, I'm breathing a little easier now. I was getting ready to head for the mountains and wrap you up and bring you home with me.

Love you. Love you. Love you.


Michelle O'Neil said...

I didn't know you could watch the Oprah/Tolle class after the fact. Got it on now. Lovin' it!

Thanks Carrie.

Lovedy love love.

Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Anonymous said...

Try tepid tap and listen to Hilary. This is going to a wild ride not mattter what.

marge said...

Feeling much better now that you are goin tepid turkey. I to signed up for the Oprah on-line Eckart class. Love it.

Jenny said...


The fact that you keep your sense of humor through all this is inspiring.

Odd comment about the Holocaust survivers considering Jesus was a Jew and the Jewish people are God's beloved and chosen people.

Go Mama said...

Love your commitment and zeal...and kinder, gentler, more balanced approach. Jeez, hope you're doing OK. Sending you whatever support you need.

and to Holly: "uh, oh, way to go Ohio!"
--Chrissie Hynde, The Pretenders

Anonymous said...

OBAMA? Does it surprise you that Hillsie is my girl? Martaaaaaaaaannnnn

Amber said...

Well, I have been away. But I am happy you got good advice about the meds. I have been there.

I get what Oprah said. I get asked that a lot by people. But I think more Christians feel that way than maybe talk about it.

be well.


Anonymous said...

We've got Oprah telling us what to read, who to vote for, etc.........She's Costco only on TV.

Anonymous said...

Glad you on tapering, so much safer and easier for your body. The side effects, as you mentioned, can be so very rough. Wishing you well with the tapering, try not to get frustrated. (HUGS)

Loved your post about Tracy Grammer and the deer. What a magical night. A place you can always go to (in your mind) when the stresses of life get high. A perfect place in time. Love the song too.

Take care of yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You'll get where you want to be with the meds. soon enough, promise.

Love you.

riversgrace said...

Ok, sorry, Oprah is NOT Coscto. That's just faulty logic, right there.

Yea for tapering. I did the same darn thing, I feel your relief!

Congrats and more for finishing the book. Truly. That's something to celebrate. When you coming home??

Drama Mama said...

LOVE that Oprah and her free podcast!
Love you!

Jess said...

Love this post, glad you are tapering, glad you have good advice and Oprah podcasts. OK, I signed up too, I'll admit it here. I love it. I am going to watch the rest of it now. Bought the book today.

WHO are your anonymous commenters? I always wonder.