Monday, March 03, 2008


I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience last night, except it's not the first time it's happened, so it's a twice-in-a-lifetime experience I share with you now.

Someone I am proud to call friend, Tracy Grammer, was here in Sisters last night. She is a rock star in her own right, and most of Sisters already knows that. On a Sunday night in winter in this sleepy little town, 200 people turned out to see her. I got to help Jess work the "merch" table, and the common thing I heard was, "What's new, because I already own everything she's done so far."

My ego got a nice stroke when she dedicated a song to me. She said, "This is for my friend, Carrie Link. When I was at Carrie's house I played this song, and a deer came to the window. The song is called, 'The Mountain.'"

I wept as she sang that beautiful song. Wept because I'm off my meds and all the tears from the last many years are now coming through, the ones I needed/wanted/glad I did at the time, blocked for so long.

When the show was over, Tracy, Jess and I got to spend a few quiet hours high in the mountains, by a fire, talking, sharing, healing together.

This morning I rose, went to that window where the deer came in June at Tracy's calling. I looked at my my mountain sisters, Faith, Hope and Charity, high and majestic, went to the CD player and loaded up "The Mountain" and put it on repeat, started the coffee, lit the candles, turned on the computer and wept again. Something from my peripheral vision caught my attention. There were the deer. The picture doesn't show them all, but there were seven. Seven, a holy number to me, sacred, significant.

Three women, sisters on the path, brought together for a night. Three sisters, majestic beings, brought together by something bigger than all of us, for all eternity.

There are no accidents.

** Please visit Michelle O'Neil's blog and see what she's doing for another sister on the path.

©2000, Dave Carter/Dave Carter Music (BMI)

i was born in a forked-tongued story
raised up by merchants and drugstore liars
now i walk on the paths of glory
one foot in ice, one in fire

i see the mountain, the mountain comes to me
i see the mountain and that is all i see

some poor prophet comes, some find solace
some lay him down in a junkyard bay
some will chase us and some will call us
gone, gone, gone in a day

gone to the mountain, the mountain comes to me
i see the mountain and that is all i see

miller take me and miller grind me
scatter by bones on the wild green tide
maybe some roving bird will find me
over the water we'll ride

over the mountain, the mountain comes to me
i see the mountain and that is all i see

some build temples and some find altars
some come in tall hats and robes spun fine
some in rags, some in gemstone halters
some push the pegs back in line

i see the mountain, the mountain comes to me
i see the mountain and that is all i see
sumerian lyrics:
da-ri kur-niserin-na, pirin zalag, pirin zalag
da-ri kur-niserin-na, dili-du-a, dili-du
[endless mountain of cedar trees, forest of light, forest of light
endless mountain of cedar trees, i walk alone, i walk alone]


riversgrace said...

This made me cry. I just looked out the window and Mt. Hood is framed by the sun, fire bright at the edges. From one mountain to another, one sister to another, love.

grammer said...

it was a lovely night, and it is such a beautiful morning. treasures abound, you among them. love and love! xo tg

cvb said...

Carrie, There are "God Moments" and this is definitely a story filled with many God Moments making it a "God Story". Thank you for sharing. Love, Caroline

Michelle O'Neil said...

You are kicking ass in this game called life.


You are beautiful Ms. Carrie.

Kim said...

Absolute chills. The warmth and love and beauty of that night and morning flow all the way to here, on the other side of the country.

Go Mama said...

Amazing. Truly amazing.

holly said...

So happy you guys got to do this! And, so very sad that I did not.

Deb said...

I can picture it all, including the deer out the door. So glad you're getting this amazing grace to carry you through the hard days. Much love to you.

Jess said...

Thank you for this sweet post. I am so glad you were there to hang out!! Absolutely made the weekend. Loved it.

Have loved that song since perhaps the first listen about 8 years ago. What a gift it is. I feel pretty blessed to have heard it so many times over the last few days.

Hope you are healing out there in the woods with those beautiful deer. Much much love to you.

Michelle O'Neil said...

BTW....I love the deer standing before the prayer flags.

kario said...

AAAAHH! Loving this! I am so glad that you were with friends in this special place in the mountains. I am glad you are surrounded by such beauty mirrored back at you.

Love, love, love.

shauna said...

What a beautiful experience, Carrie.