Sunday, March 23, 2008


I've always said my son, Rojo, is the kind of person that would give you the shirt right off his back. That's true. But not today. Today he is wearing his new Allen Iverson #3 Denver Nugget t-shirt that the Easter Bunny brought him, Devohn. That's right. The Easter Bunny's name is Devohn. Has been for years. Don't ask me why. It. Just. Is.

Rojo will be 12 in July and is still as excited about the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa as ever, if not more so. Yesterday I was given big instructions:

1) Call Devohn at 8:00 PM and iron out the details regarding exactly what time he'd be arriving to hide the eggs.

2) Don't forget.

3) Tell Devohn to wake up Rojo because Rojo wants to hold his hand when he comes. And take a picture of himself with Devohn.

4) Don't forget.

5) Make brownies for Devohn and don't let anyone else eat them.

6) Don't forget.

7) Make sure Devohn doesn't forget to bring Reeses's peanut butter cups. The small ones with pretty colors.

8) Don't forget. (And yes, I had forgotten, and yes, I went back to the store. Again.)

I was reminded of these instructions approximately every 2 1/2 seconds, give or take a second.

Devohn came at 1:45 AM and "tried" to wake up Rojo, but Rojo just wouldn't wake up, but Devohn held his hand anyway. We know this, because Devohn used our digital camera we left out for him, and my printer we'd set up, and he took a really cute picture of himself and printed it out. Then Devohn wrote Rojo a note about holding his hand.

That shirt's not coming off. It's got Allen on the front and Devohn picked it out for him special.

But if you really want it? I think he'd give it to you. He's just like that.

Rachel Bissex

When a young woman falls
Do you pick her up
When a young man is lost
Do you show him the way
When a dreamer’s dream is gone
Do you help them see
They gotta have a dream
Help them through each day

I know some people just like that
Give the shirt right off their back
Yea, they’re just like that

When you find the girl you love
Do you steal her away
When you see the man that’s right for you
Do you marry him that day
When you have more than you need
Do you spread the rest around
Be it time, be it money, be it love

I know some people just like that
Give the shirt right off their back
Yea, they’re just like that

When you reach out the heavens open
When sun pours down upon your face
When hope speaks a door way opens
When you’re welcome into a loving place

When 50 years go by
Does it feel like two
Do you share every moment
Do you always speak the truth
When you go out to a show
Do you dress like twins
When his hand is shaking
Do you put yours in his

I know some people just like that
Give the shirt right off their back
Yea, they’re just like that
I know some people just like that
They give the shirt right off their back
Yea, they’re just like that
Yea, they’re just like that

*Photo from Costumes of


Amber said...

That is soooo cute. I hope my kids will still believe at 12. But already my son (soon to be 7) told me a kid at church told him it was all pretend. Pft! Stupid kid. I told him you have to believe for it to be true, so I was sad for that kid. ;)


cvb said...

I love your writings. Happy Easter, Caroline

kario said...

Love Rojo! Love Devohn. Love the little peanut butter cups!

My youngest wrote the Easter Bunny a note asking whether he/she was real or just a person in a costume. She seemed to accept the reply of a simple 'footprint' as proof of existence. Thank goodness!

Happy Easter, Carrie.


Anonymous said...

Here's the beauty of Rojo, he believes. How many of us are true believers in anything anymore? The problem is some of us grapple with issues like it's important thwt what we believe is true. Some people like Rojo just believe! what a guy!

La La said...

I love Rojo. And, I love those little reeses peanut butter cups. Delicious.

You are an awesome mom!

I've been told that I'm the type of person who'd give the shirt off my back. It makes me so happy to have something so special in common with Rojo!

Michelle O'Neil said...

A million hugs and kisses to Rojo. Tell him not to wipe them off either.

Drama Mama said...

Love that.

Miss M has figured it all out, but in true M fashion, she opts to keep believing.

That Rojo. Great kid.

Don't forget.

riversgrace said...

Big time brownie points, all I can say. Big time.

What did the bunny bring for you? What...did you say y-o-g-a? Can you say that a little louder, can't hear you. YYYYOOOOGGGGAAAAA!

Anonymous said...

Rojo is not only a sweet boy, but he is very smart too. Love his spirit (and those little peanut butter cups too). Mostly, I love what an wonderful mother he has.

Kim said...

I love Rojo, I love his mom, and I'm wild about Devohn.