Thursday, March 20, 2008


Didn't know one single thing about numerology until yesterday. I had a good guess it had something to do with numerals. Period. I spent an hour having someone do my chart, and wow, oh wow, what a powerful experience!

Now I only know enough to know I want to know more. You know?

I learned about karma numbers. Your karma numbers are those that help explain what it is you are here to learn in this incarnation, A.K.A. your biggest areas of challenge. If you already had these nailed, you wouldn't be here working on them. All the people that come into your life? They are here to help you learn your particular lesson. Isn't that sweet of them? So, if you're here to learn forgiveness? You'll be given a whole bunch of opportunities to practice!

My karma numbers are 2,4 and 7. Two has to do with relationships and patience. Four has to do with structure, and "staying," and seven has to do with trusting intuition, being in silence and nature. Yea. Not things I'm super great at, let's just say that. I will say this, I am getting better, especially at the silence and nature part, and trusting my intuition. Time to step up the whole patience thing with relationships. Damn. And structure? Yea. Structure is a better word than hostage in my own home, don't you think? I think so too.

Oops! Can't talk now - gotta go! I'm being given an opportunity to practice patience in my relationships with my children! I appreciate their constant help in my karmic lessons!

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Anonymous said...

As you often say, "there are no accidents." Rojo's favorite number

kario said...

Yup, this place is exactly where your soul begged to be.

Love you!

Eileen said...

very interesting, but you kinda lost me when I clicked on the link. My brain gets the concept, but when I try to get into the specifics, I get a wee bit overwhelmed. I guess that is why people actually study it, before they can do a reading. It must have been a cool experience.

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

I'm hoping that with all the practicing I've been able to do lately I should be just about perfect real soon!

Amber said...

Haha. I am also challenged in that lesson. I am sloooowly learning. ;)

I have been playing and studying numbers for some years now. It just gets more and more interesting, I find. I also found that my whole astrology chart, my numbers chart, and a sacred contracts chart I cast all had the same lessons, the same themes in the same areas and houses...Working it all together gives one much to think about...I sort of felt like these were all ways God was trying to get through to me.