Wednesday, March 26, 2008


If you want to know what it's like to parent a child with autism? Be married to someone that does not appreciate what it's like to be the primary parent of a child with autism, or, I know, actually BE a child with autism? Watch this movie.

In 1980 1 in 150,000 kids was diagnosed with Autism. Today it is 1 in 150. Can you say epidemic? You will be, if you are not already, affected by this.

This documentary is wonderful. It is honest. It is loving. It is hopeful. And I went through a whole box of Kleenex while watching it, and haven't stopped since.

I think I'm much further along the path than I am, then I see something like this and all the rage, resentment, slammed doors, ignorant responses to my pleas for help, all the doing it all alone, all of it, comes right back to the surface.

I am lucky. My child is a happy, highly functioning human. The world is his oyster. He is no worse for wear for what he's endured. Me? The jury is still out.


riversgrace said...

Sitting here awhile, taking in your words....

1. I'm sorry for the suffering, isolation, and years of enduring.

2. There seems to be a strange blessing in the clarity that is arising in the collective consciousness.

3. Keep crying so there's room for all that love.

Michelle O'Neil said...

The jury is not out on you Carrie.

It is in.

Not guilty. Perfect as you are.

Terry Whitaker said...

Just because it comes roaring back to the surface doesn't mean you aren't well down the path. It's just a reminder that you are.

drama mama said...

Michelle said it.