Friday, March 14, 2008


Well, you'll all be relieved to know that Obama chose me for his running mate last night, and I accepted. Michelle O'Neil is coming with. We are going to unite the party. WHEW! I also helped unite a woman with her abducted child, transformed a homeless shelter and united a writing group that had splintered. All I had to do to accomplish that one was move from one seat to another, then everyone was fine.

United. Nice word, don't you think?

Bought myself a ring. It has the six Sanskrit syllables of Om Mani Padme Hung on it. I wear it on my right hand, ring finger. I've united myself with myself. We are very happy these days.


All that strife? TFBS.

United we stand, divided we fall.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Love you. Love Obama. My bangs are "so" yesterday.

Hmm...maybe I should cut them again?

Wait...where was I?

Oh yes...I think we should all marry ourselves. Every woman upon a certian age or stage of development, should be celebrated, and showered with gifts, and recognized, and give herself a ring, and make a committment to herself and then later, if she wants to share her full self with another, so be it.

You go Carrie. Work the Om Mani Padme Hung.


La La said...

cute. I really like Obama. Love his speeches.

I voted for Hillary, though. (She was more in line with my views on education and health care.)

I'm okay with either winning. I just want a democrat in the white house.

holly said...

I'd vote for the three of you, no question about it!

Jerri said...

United is a lovely way to live.

Jenny said...

That picture of you and M'ON is adorable.

Jess said...

I'd vote for you guys for sure. Don't know about Obama, but I know you'd get things done.

You DO unite people, everywhere you go, so you should certainly run for office. On the LOVE platform.

I like Michelle's comment. I want to go visit her too!! I think you need a musical consultant.

paul maurice martin said...

Well, I was leaning toward Obama so I guess that clinches it...

Nancy said...

Carrie, you have been uniting people from coast to coast and beyond for quite some time. Glad you have united with yourself!

drama mama said...

El pueblo UNIDO jamas sera vencido!

(Sorry, I used to work for the United Farmworkers)

I love me my Obama...but the real ticket?

O'Neil and Wilson Link.

Now I'd vote for those two.

Meditation in every school, baby.

kario said...

So glad you've recognized your 'true' soulmate - yourself.

Also glad you've chosen such a wise running-mate in Michelle.

Obama is something you need to keep the political machine moving, but once you guys get there, I say put him in the background. ;-)

lo said...

cool posts!
back soon
in california