Thursday, March 06, 2008


10. You get to cry a lot.

9. You get to practice all your self-soothing techniques.

8. You get to add drama to all existing relationships.

7. You get to look at your parents through new eyes.

6. You get to take all those areas of your psyche with thick scar tissue and just RIP it all off.

5. You get to meet other AMAZING humans doing the same thing, brave and strong humans!

4. You cut through all the TFBS and find what's true.

3. You get to re-live all moments in your life, the good, bad and ugly, and see them differently.

2. You get to be "done" with some of the stories you've been told, or have told yourself.

1. You get to come through on the other end. The love period end.

I did it! I finished my book! AGAIN! Can you believe how many times I've said that and how far I still have to go before it's "done?" Well, I've written all the way up to this morning. Guess I could go do something, come back and write about that, but I'm done, I've written all the way up to right. Now.

"My editor," and not enough can be made of how much I like saying, "my editor," and I are spitting and polishing the first half and then "we" go on an agent search. I'm pretty sure the Universe will drop an agent in my lap. I'm totally ready for that, got my lap all cleared off.

In the last 3 1/2 years I've written about every single incident in my life. Guess what my final page count is for this draft? Go ahead, guess. 120 pages. Turns out an awful lot of what I wrote just didn't hold MY attention this long, so how could I expect it to hold yours? It may all get re-worked and come out eventually, hope it does, I do hate to "waste," but if it doesn't, it's OK. They say cream rises to the top and what I've got in these 120 pages is the cream.

My affirmations these days are thus:

1) The perfect agent is coming to me at the perfect time.

2) The perfect agent is bringing me the perfect publishing house.

3) I am a vibrational match for my book being published and getting into the hands of millions of women all over the world. Move over Elizabeth Gilbert, literally, just scoot, I'm willing to share the yellow couch with you. No scarcity.


Casdok said...

Congratulations!! How exciting! Hope your affirmations pay off!

Mama 'N Me said...


Congratulations. And all blessings upon you, your agent, and your publishing house.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, you did it! Again! I'm sending all good thoughts your way. For some odd reason this reminds me a the bibilcal verse about "unless a grain of wheat, or the seed dying before it can sport anew...whatever obvioously I don't toatlly know my bible but it reminds me in a really good way what is to come to life for you.
You go girl!

Retiredandcrazy said...

If you find a good Agent send him/her this way. I've been looking for one for years. Congratulations. Have a drink on me.

cvb said...


A BIG CONGRATULATION to you for your accomplishment. Now, let's get it published because I am first in line to buy a copy!

La La said...

I LOVE YOU PERIOD. I know I said that on your last post. Just want you to keep hearing it.

I'm so proud of you, for you!




You, go, GIRL!

Go Mama said...

Congratulations Carrie. Such a big time for you.

(And, it might be fun to celebrate in some way, to acknowledge the moment, your achievement. Not enough is made of celebrating the delivery, as we're usually on to or hunting down the next project!!)

Carrie on.....!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on this great accomplishment. And I am in awe of your memory because I can't even remember the minutiae of last year, much less what happened when I was five. Keep up the good work.

holly said...

You go! I'm so impressed you just whipped out another draft like that. I need to start taking me some lessons in productivity from you!

Terry Whitaker said...

Amazing Work you've done, Care. Again. I have no doubt the right publisher is on her way.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO happy for you Carrie!! This is so exciting, but not at all surprising. This day was coming and that publisher will be here before you know it. Can't wait to buy your book. Just can't wait. Love and more love!!!

lo said...

So, So Exciting Carrie!
I really needed to read your post today so thanks soooooooooo much for sharing. You are such a good 'sharer!'
Coincidence that I have also been experiencing the same 'less is more' with the writing.....more on that in an email
P.S. I am all for celebrating and acknowledging this moment with/for you even if from afar.
AND you know i will hook you up for readings in my neck of the woods SO let's get this party started already!!!!

Jenny said...

And another great thing is that you get to share your story with others. Can't wait to read it! Congrats on all your hard work.

P.S. My favorite memoirs are often the shorters ones - they're real gems.

Nancy said...

I can see you ON THE YELLOW COUCH! You are such and inspiration!

Drama Mama said...

Mazel Tov!

I've got Oprah on TiVo. I've got Amazon one-click.

I'm ready.

marge said...

YOU ROCK!!!!! I just know there is an agent that's going to drop right out of those rainy Portland skies into your lap. I praying for it. Congratulations. What an inspiration you are.
Love and Peace

Michelle O'Neil said...

You're on your way Carrie! No is already done.

Allow, allow, allow!


Deb said...

You are on a serious roll, my dear! So happy for you. I can hardly wait to find your book on the shelves of my local bookstores. And to take a day off work to watch you on the yellow couch. Much love to you.

kario said...

Exciting! I am so pleased for you and your editor. Can't wait until your agent meets you and pinches him/herself to realize what a windfall they've just received!