Friday, March 21, 2008


"Mom, if today is the day people killed Jesus, why is it 'good?'" I asked about a million years ago. The question has followed me like a bad habit.

Jesus is on my list of top 10 people, dead or alive, with whom I'd like to have coffee. The more I study His life and words, the more they resonate with me, deeply. When I listen to all my "New Age" or "occult" teachers, what I experience is the universality of all the great leaders past and present. The Dalai Lama, Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Gary Zukav, etc. all say the same thing.


The same thing.


Isn't that GOOD? We, the humans, are all so different. Isn't it marvelous there are so many great teachers that have the power to reach our particular ways of learning and understanding?

In Sunday School I made a wall hanging that said, "God is love." It hung in our house for years. Like the question of what is good about Good Friday, that hanging haunted me. I wrestled with those three words every time I passed them.

Today I get it.

God is love.


And that is good.

That, is very, very good.


JaniceNW said...

Right on the money!

I hope you have a blessed Easter.

Obama-Mama said...

I love this. Very inspiring. I am going to think about this post at church on Sunday.

And...I LOVE your Obama picture!

La La said...

I need to have coffee with Jesus TODAY! Can you arrange that for me?

Yes. God is good. even when I can't understand one. damn. thing.

Michelle O'Neil said...


Eileen said...

God is love. That is the one thing I know for sure. Beautiful post.

kario said...

Maybe it's "Good Friday" because all of those things you gave up for Lent will soon be allowed again :-).

Or, more probably, you're just right. Okay, let's go with that.

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

It's good because His death brought us the possibility of Life

And, you're right about the teachers. I was trying to explain that to a friend the other day...same message, different words.

lo said...

More than good!

marge said...

I remember asking my mother the same thing. She said "It's a good thing he died for your sins today. You will be forgiven by him not me." I cried and she was mad.
I do know God is love.
Love you

Deb said...

I love how you always come back to LOVE as the core of it all. May you experience it as deeply as possible today and every day.

Jenny said...

Love the "good Friday" question. I was always confused about the three days when it had only been two nights.

Amber said...

I agree with every word.