Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Years ago (Lord, have mercy, I just realized it's been over 20) I learned five rules that CHANGED MY LIFE. I'm going to re-focus on them over the next few days. One. At. A. Time.

They are called THE RULES OF COOPERATION. And here is number one:


- There is always enough of everything when we cooperate. Always.

- Someone's "win" is not my "loss"

- There is abundance to all things. More begets more.

- Fear comes from scarcity. No scarcity? No fear. When I'm feeling afraid, I need to ask myself, "What is it I'm afraid of there not being enough of? Money? Time? Friends? Sleep? Peace? World commodities? Love? Security? Attention? Validation?" Then I see if I'm operating out of competition or cooperation. Ideally, this shuts fear down. Ideally. It takes a ton of practice. After 20+ years I'm still very much a beginner.

Yours in abundance,


La La said...

Yes. There is ENOUGH. I'm all over that. I love the WIN-WIN habit of highly effective people.

But our society is so Narcissistic, so competitive, so much about WINNERS AND LOSERS, the HAVEs and HAVEnots.

So, I find living in that space of NO SCARCITY a bit of a challenge when people are taking more than their fair share.

I so want to shut down the fear I face daily, and I so want to be a part of shutting down the spreading of fear that is perpetuated by the belief in scarcity.

Margaret Wheatley says that we have all of the resources we need already for every person to have what he/she needs, and yet we have this huge problem with the distribution of these resources.

She says, "We aren't lacking solutions. What we lack is the will to implement them . . . there are sufficient food resources to provide for everyone on the planet. What we lack is the political will to use these resources equitably, and to distribute them fairly" (65).

I will stand with you, Carrie, in the space of plenty.


lo said...

I like this A LOT. Thank you for sharing.

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

I get sucked in and out with the tide. It's so much easier to believe in abundance when there is no threat of scarcity. I know that the people who are able to practice abundant thinking are happier, more open, less stressed, more thankful, less angry and more abundant.
It's a minute by minute practice for me.

And I agree with la la.
It made me think of a conversation I was having with a friend yesterday. He was saying that if we could just do one thing to make the world a better place, he was thinking that being vegetarian might be that thing (even though a really good steak is a really good thing sometimes).
Raising meat lays waste to rain forests, pollutes water, takes grains that could be used for feeding the world's hungry and feeds them to animals that will feed the "wealthy" few, increases toxic emissions and on and on.
There is more than enough -- we just need to change the view.

Michelle O'Neil said...

There is nothing to compete for. Each person is a Divine expression with unique gifts to bring to the table.

La La said...

Hey, YOU! Love the new hair, the new layout! You go, girl!

Jerri said...

Abundance is yours, Carrie. You are abundance.

Peace above you. Peace below you. Let all around you be peace.

cheryl said...

The universe is absolutly abundant, and always working for us...we just have to believe. Pray, trust in our higher power and believe. Abundance is every where, we just fail to see it. Fear is our biggest challenge in being able to see and feel all of the abundance we are blessed with.

Much Love and Peace,

Anonymous said...

I'm often generous and at other times quite selfish and I wonder why. What is the difference? Still trying to figure that one out.

Jess said...

You should read "The Soul of Money" by Lynn Twist. Its about how our attitudes of scarcity poison our relationship to money, and how we can change that. I think you'd like it. She's done some interesting work.

Thanks for this post. Good reminder for me today, as I work on not being petty. :)

Suzy said...

Love the new look of you and your blog.

Love you.


Drama Mama said...

Whew. Yes. Amen.

Try going on auditions for a living.
Nearly drove me insane. Talk about win/lose mentality.

I love this. Thank you.

Drama Mama said...

By the way?

You look hot with the new look. You, specifically.

The blog too. Pretty!

Jenny said...

Wow, fun, new site. And good post too.