Friday, January 11, 2008


Wow. Last night I broke up with an old boyfriend. I argued with my dad. I drove 18 hours in a car to go to California (probably Disneyland!) and broke the tip off a really expensive knife trying to pry something off a wall. I was a bridesmaid. I got sunburned. I stayed up all night talking, finally going to bed at 7:30 AM. I paid for dry cleaning. Someone gave me $21. Everyone got an ottoman for a thank you gift for being in the wedding. I sat at a posh club with someone else's photo ID and tried to get in. Told the person, when finally busted, that I was there in the place of the woman I was pretending to be, because she had cancer and couldn't be there herself.

So, part of me is:

Breaking up

Breaking off



An insomniac


Accepting charity

I'll let you all in in a little secret. I'm waiting for a couple people to finish reading my proposal and manuscript, and until they do, I'm in a bit of a holding pattern. We Aquarians do not do well with inactivity. We are decisive. We get things done (however badly) we "wait" poorly. I know that this is a gift of time I've been handed. A time to rest. A time to re-group and re-charge, and I should be relishing in it.

This I know.

This I cannot do.

This I can do.

This I must do.

OK, here I go...

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Kathryn said...

I wouldn't even "try" to relax and wait then - it looks as though your Spirit is doing plenty of processing while you are "out." I would say sleeping, but it doesn't look very restful!

I send you good vibes on your proposal and manuscript. :)

La La said...

oh my god, Carrie! Did you feel rested at all? I dreamt all night about blogging and bloggers. All. night. long. About one blogger, I kept dreaming, "I know that's not her real name. What if I meet her in person some day, and I call her by her blogging name? What. if?" Then I realized I don't use my real name to blog. Seriously just realized that right. now. Can you analyze that for me WHILE. YOU. WAIT.

Sending you love.

Michelle O'Neil said...

You are a very busy girl. 24/7.

: )

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

Had to read the first line three times because I kept reading "Last night I woke up with and old boyfriend."!!! WHAT?! Tells you something about my mind, and I'm afraid it's not good!
No, you're right, you're not the best "waiter" in the world. Lucky you! You got the gift of practice. Thank you Universe!!

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

PS Congratulations on the manuscript and proposal. Joining with Kathryn in sending good vibes.

jillbob said...

"Everyone got an ottoman for a thank you gift for being in the wedding" Luv THAT!....

Jerri said...

As Eleanor R. says, we must do the thing we think we cannot do.

You must wait.

You can.

Anonymous said...

Read Julie.

riversgrace said...

I know you're going nuts because I'm nervous just thinking about you waiting!

We've got to do something, spice things up a bit, so that you're psyche can take a break!

Where should we go?

Jess said...

More wine?

Um, sorry for the delay on my end. Its been a crazy week. But maybe I should delay more, just to force you to relax? :)

I think more wine is needed. Maybe a cute Italian or two.

lo said...

Oh boy and goody!!!!! Of course you are what we call around here 'a hyper little pyper.' Lots waiting to go on. It's hurry up and wait time! Go for a massage, meditate and keep a notebook handy as this dream stuff is great material for another book, non?!

kario said...

Sounds like my menopause dreams! I am with you on hating the waiting. I wish the Universe would just recognize that about me and stop making me do it ;-).


Drama Mama said...

Oh my God. I'm an Aquarian, too. I completely understand. Bake cookies. That's what I do.

Sending you the love energy on your manuscript and proposal -

MY OWN WOMAN... said...

You could always write while you wait. ::smile::

Go Mama said...

Fingers crossed, Carrie!

You could always watch a few games.
Oh, I see you already did that!

Ever tried running? Yoga? You might need the's full of doing!

Deb said...

It's certainly interesting to see what's bubbling to the surface as you wait. You have the most active and interesting dream life of anyone I know.

Holding your wait and your hopes in my heart. Knowing that great gifts are on their way to you.

shauna said...

Please keep us posted. I hope you're very near to receiving good news! And good luck waiting (because I KNOW how not-fun that can be).

Amber said...

You are wonderful.