Saturday, January 12, 2008


OK, would somebody PLEASE tell me how the time between Monday morning and Friday afternoon goes SO fast, and the time from Friday afternoon to Monday morning CRAWLS??? And, if you don't know what I'm talking about, would you please get yourself over to my house and I'll show you?

Here is Rojo's schedule for me today:

8:00 Blow out all my candles, mess up my made bed, breathe garlic breath on me, touch everything on my desk and force me to make a grocery list. AGAIN. Then reassure him that yes, we will go to Little Safeway at 9:00 and get everything on the list. Everything.

9:00 Little Safeway where he will hold the list and lead me in excruciating disorder around the store getting everything. So far we are getting seltzer, water, Mike & Ike's, rootbeer, Goldfish crackers and chips.

9:30 Game #1: Golden State Warriors vs. Boston College Eagles. Elmo is an eagle today. I've. Already. Been. Reminded.

11:30 Game #2: Portland Pilots and Fresno State. Elmo is a Pilot.

2:30 Game #3: We must find a college with the initials QSU because he'd like them to play at this time. Elmo will be their mascot. I am to spend the time between games Googling.

4:30 Game #4: TBA

5:00 Sourdough toast time

6:30 Game #5: TBA

7:00 Bubble bath with LOTS of bubbles. Don't forget. Elmo will sit on the toilet seat and watch.

7:30 Game # 6: TBA

He is allowing me a nice "break" between games 2 and 3 because his sister has requested that I take her and another 13-year-old girl to the mall. On. A. Saturday. That. Is. My. Break.

He's worried sick I won't be home in time for the 2:30 game. Daddy just can't do the scoreboard, cheering and "captions" like I can. We've synchronized watches. We've signed deals. I'm promised. I've promised to not forget. I've pinky sworn. I've sworn to God.

Can't talk now, gotta go, I've got a schedule to keep.


Maddy said...

Yes I have several people's different schedules to accommodate and they beat me over the head with their competing needs!
Best wishes and a dollop of sanity

Terry Whitaker said...

And I'm still sitting here in my pajamas in Eastern Standard Time!! You're a hero.

riversgrace said...

Back atchya: OMG, I don't know what to say! But like I said, there's a wicked good latte awaiting you at Fresh Pot should your car steer toward Hawthorne. NOW.

The monks, the monks. SLAP.

Manic Mom said...


Something's missing from that schedule:

Donate Blood!

: )


La La said...

Are the SAINTS playing today??? Because you are CAPTAIN of that team!

Really, I don't know how you do it. Bless you.

Eileen said...

Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Add in some really good chocolate for yourself to. You are pretty close to a saint, when it comes to sticking to these routines. BUT, it doesn't surprise me, because you really are a wonderful mother, with nothing but pure love in her heart (even if you feel like your going to scream). It must mean the world to him!

Michelle O'Neil said...

I can't imagine why you needed a "summer off" after oh, eleven years of this.

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

I read and article about angels on our midst -- they have NOTHING on you. I'll bet Rojo could run circles around the author with his own stories about his own personal angel. He is a lucky boy.
PS Did you find QSU?

Kathryn said...

Did you make it through today? Are you in bed yet?

I'm afraid to ask what Sunday looks like. :)

Exhausting as it may be, how wonderful to be adored by your boy.

Anonymous said...

While it is certainly incredible that you can manage to live like this, I must wonder, is it truly in Rojo's best interest not to be made to understand that your attentions to his percieved needs must have some limits, so that your own very real needs can be tended to? I know a scene would likely ensue, but for how many years do you plan to go to the store at 8 am so you can buy goldfish, rootbeer and chips in precisely the right order to placate him? I worry about you.

Go Mama said...

I'd be swearing to God too!

and no sugar before noon! What are ya crazy?!

Nancy said...

Wow! And still not a mark on em?

Jerri said...

Darling Carrie. Nothing to add but love.

kario said...

And some Valium to take. Wash it down with the root beer.