Thursday, January 03, 2008


I've received lots of e-mails about people wanting more of an explanation on the whole Part-of-Me approach to dream analysis. So here goes, in my favorite format, a list:

1. The theory comes from Carl Jung that we are all aspects of our dreams, or that all our dreams bring to our consciousness, different aspects of ourselves.

2. Upon further exploration of Jung's theory, however, I've learned he believed SOME aspects are symbolic, but not aspects of ourselves. For instance, a ladybug symbolizes luck, so when I dream of a ladybug it represents luck, rather than an unconscious part of me (which may or may not be ladybug-ish).

3. The point of the activity is to get that "Aha!" sensation. You first insert the POM after every "important" word (think, "Would I capitalize this in a title?").

4. Then, with compound words, you break them apart and insert POM. i.e. Bookstore = book (POM) store (POM), coffeepot = coffee (POM) pot (POM)

5. Play around with this. The point is not to be "right" the point is to gain insight into yourself, particularly your subconscious.

6. When I dreamed the little girl was black, I wanted to be PC and call her African American, but that did not "work" for me, it was really a black, or dark part of me that I was looking at, not an African nor American part of me.

7. When you break down a compound word and the overall effect is not helpful, put them back together for greater "aha" effect.

8. If this is too tedious, take the whole dream and just ask yourself a few general questions. i.e. "What part of me is attached and can't be cut by anyone except myself?" "What part of me is dying to be born, feels like it's going to explode out of me?" "What part of me is female and dark and infant-like that I need to take a look at?"

9. If you "don't dream" and we all do, or we'd be psychotic, just take the overall sentiment you wake up with in the morning, and play with that. i.e. "I feel anxious." "I feel hopeful," "I feel fat and disgusting."

10. Play with this. If you aren't having fun with it, then bag it! Make it work for you! You are the boss! You'll really have fun when WHILE DREAMING you're able to step back and say, "Hey! That's an interesting look into myself!"


Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

Thank you for the POM update -- I was feeling a bit out of the loop. Going to go and try it on last night's weird dream.

La La said...

Great explanation! Thanks for that! Love to you.

riversgrace said...

The black baby felt so archetypal, I think of the black goddess, black madonna, Kali. All very juicy. Don't necessarily think of black as negative or 'bad' or dark, just having those qualities that the archetypes embody.

I dreamt of Bruce Springsteen last night. Deep love dream. Can't think that's a POM, just can't. Me and Bruce, we have this special place.

Terry Whitaker said...

This is incredibly helpful. Will you analyze my dream if I send it to you? I'm so lazy--or maybe it's just sleepy.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Thanks for the explanation, because part of me hadn't a clue what you were talking about!


Helen Burton said...

What a great post. Most of the times I do not remember my dreams. However, I know my feelings when I wake up. I will try the exercise and let you know what I find out.


shauna said...

Thanks for that lesson. I've always been fascinated with dreams and even own a couple books on dream analysis, but this helped. (I have one reoccuring dream that stirs lots of positive emotions--I'll have to try this).

Deb said...

Since you taught us this in October, my dreams have had much more interesting things to say to me. It's powerful, much in the same way left-handed writing is. Or anything that gets us out of our own way. I love your dreams!