Monday, January 28, 2008


10. Would I rather freeze to death or burn to death?

9. Which "Seinfeld" character is the funniest?

8. Would I marry my husband all over again?

7. Would I rather lose my sight or my hearing?

6. What am I going to say to Oprah when I get on the yellow couch?

5. If chips and beer are technically a "meal?"

4. At what time does it officially become too late to bother getting out of your pajamas, because it's practically time to put them back on?

3. Why, or WHY didn't Carrie Bradshaw ("Sex and the City") stick with Aiden?

2. If I could be one of the Brady Bunch girls, which one would I be? (Definitely not Cindy, but between Marcia and Jan it's a total toss up!)

1. If perhaps I need to boost my dosage of OCD meds?


teach said...

Which you would rather have a two hour school delay or cancelled altoghter? what about year round school?

paul martin said...

At least no. ten has a clear answer: go for the freezing. Remember The Little Match Girl? You get warm and sleepy, have pleasant dreams and it's over. And I have heard from more reliable sources that you do feel warm in the latter stages of freezing to death.

Of course then there'd be those earlier phases...

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

I agree, the answer to 10 is freeze. 9. you're the expert. 8. betcha would. 7. think it's sight, 'cuz you have such a beautiful way of painting pictures with your words that I know you would still be able to see even if you were blind. .6 "Take an A." or "WTF" 5. Duh...yes! 4. Oh, jammies are not acceptable all day attire? 3. relationships sometimes just don't make any sense. 2. Jan -- she's got it all going on. 1. NO! you are the most perfect Carrie Wilson Link that ever was and ever will be JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

Not that you asked!

Anonymous said...

I have a few answers to your questions -

freezing is a much better way to go - less pain

all the parents of the main characters are the funniest - especially Frank

it's better to be deaf versus blind

chips and beer ARE a meal and if you add dip that counts as salad

Carrie didn't stay with Aiden because he's

Amber said...


I would rather freeze, by far! I remember learning that before you freeze to death, you start to feel warm and giddy. I would rather die giggling like a crazy person. ;)

Kim said...

Here's my stab:
10. freeze
9. George
8. I say yes
7. hearing
6. "It's about time!"
5. of course
4. 3:30 pm
3. the sex
2. Marcia: she's the one making the decisions
1. nope, nothing wrong here!

Michelle O'Neil said...

What's wrong with Cindy? Huh? You're not lisp discriminating are you?

Blind rather than deaf.

And Aiden was SO not boring!

Actually, once you get past the first layer of skin/nerve, I've heard burns don't hurt.

Elaine is the funniest.

All I got.

Jerri said...

Don't know about the other questions, but I've got a lock on #3.

It's the rat-and-a-pellet thing. Seriously. Researchers put rats in cages with levers.

In some cages, the gizmo delivered a treat every time the rat pushed the lever.

In some cages, it never delivered a rat-damned thing.

In some of the cages...oh in SOME of the cages...the reward was intermittent. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

The ones that never got treats never touched the lever after the first few times.

The rats that always got treats got bored and ignored it almost as quickly.

But the ones that could never tell what would happen? They just couldn't keep their ratty little paws off that lever.

This time? This one? Maybe this one?

Carrie knew she'd always be rewarded with Aiden. Big was like a slot machine where the jackpot was always just one cherry away.

Maddy said...

Good grief and dear me. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about all of those although we do have several in common.

I suspect I'm disqualified by not being sufficiently familiar with the Brady Bunch!

lo said...

I think about similar things...that makes it okay right?

Anonymous said...

I think I know:
10.Freezing(so much more peaceful)
9. Jerry
8. YES
7. Hearing
6. "Of course I will tell you more about my Best Selling Memoir, after all it is on your Book Club."
5. Yes, no question about it.
4. No time
3. No real connection, no real deep conversations, no mind blowing sex
2. Jan (so much more real)
1. No (You are so loved, just the way you are.)


marge said...

LOL. I needed a good laugh today. Thank you my love.

shauna said...

Oh,oh,oh. Love this post.

Just two things. I agonize over Carrie not picking Aiden, because he's so completely perfect. for. me.

I have imaginary conversations with Oprah all the time where she tells me how fabulous I am for being a fabulous writer who has lived a fabulous life.

Sigh. You are my kindred spirit today. Thanks you.

Nancy said...

And these, Carrie, are what make you so essential to read!