Friday, June 30, 2006


I was raised a bit of a Bible banger. My mother is a P.K., preacher's kid, and although she had us attending an Episcopalian church, the Baptist in her never quite worked itself all the way out. Lots of things I wanted to do as a kid were "the devil's work". Rock music, painted fingernails, astrology, Tarot cards, all were paths that would lead me straight to hell. The Catholics were bad because they worshipped Mary and prayed to saints, "false Gods", a commandment breaker. Anyone that wasn't a Christian, actively proclaiming Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, would not make their way into heaven. It was my full-time job to get their souls saved, and I was exhausted by the task.

Somewhere along the line I began to encounter people with vastly different views than mine, and I saw that they enhanced my spiritual life, rather than threatened it. Now when people ask me what I am, I say "everything". I am Buddhist, Christian and very interested in adding Jewish to my mix. I see only how they overlap and resemble one another in their precepts, their differences are slight, to me, compared to their universal messages of love, peace and compassion.

At this point I am willing to try almost anything. Crystals, burning sage, spreading tobacco, bring it on. I am all about getting the energy "right", and whatever works, works for me.
I was recently introduced to a tapping system meant to help clear trauma from the mind and body. It involves tapping on different touch points on the body to release the trauma held there. Since three people have told me I have rage issues, I am tapping like crazy to release the rage I hold. Now I have bruises the size of quarters on the outer edges of my eyes.
Hey, I didn't say I was an expert.

To find out more about the Trauma Tap, click here!
Tap Tap Tap!!


Suzy said...

Tap the puppy...... (gently!)

Great piece Carrie.


Wanda Tucker said...

Oh, bruising, please.

I was raised in a pretty fundamental church, myself. I wasn't very comfortable "witnessing" to others to try to get them into the fold.

I'm too much of a mystic to take others' paths from them. Mystics seem to recognize each other regardless of their original "religion."

Hey...don't I know you?

jennifer said...

Gentle, gentle, gentle!!!

lala said...

I too am from the school that if tapping softly is good, tapping hard must be better, right?!

Apparently, not so much!!

Let's get the circle together and have a tapping party. I'm thinking it could be very timely!

Carrie Wilson Link said...


Bring home the circle, bring on the tapping. I am SO there!

Lee Wolfe Blum said...

Carrie - oh me too! The other night I was tapping my chest as I was talking to my hubby...and he said, "What are you doing? It looks like you are hurting yourself!" I kind of was without realizing it! Maybe I should have been tapping the rage spot instead. :)
keep tapping!

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