Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sorry, but that about sums up my accomplishments as a parent. I can honestly say I've never struck my kids with my hand, nor my words. I've never said or done anything that horrifies me to this day. Period. That's the sum total of my wow factor. I hope it's enough.
Everyday I hear about some incredible thing a mother is doing with or for her children. Coverting their garage into an art studio and conducting world-awareness art projects. Taking kids to incredible places to see and hear amazing people and sights. Playing on the floor for hours with Barbies or Legos. Camping for days on end with one child and the mother, alone, quality and quantity bonding time. I do none of that, don't pretend to, and have no plans to start.
Not a bruise on them, though, I tell myself. I truly believe that given my children and their special needs, this may be more super-human than it first sounds. There may never be a statue of me proclaiming my sainthood, or any other of us mothers in the trenches, year after long year, day after tantrum-filled day, minute by excruciating minute, but there should be.
Not a bruise on 'em. That's saying something.


Linda said...

Not a bruise on 'em -- neither internal nor external. If that is not worthy of a ticker tape parade and a halo then I don't know what is. Your children will grow to appreciate this more than art projects, converted garages and clever activities. This is love. This is mothering.

Anonymous said...

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