Monday, June 26, 2006

I just know you're all out there identifying your preferred spouses, ever since my official coining of the phrase on this blog awhile back. I know you are, because I've had no fewer than 5 people speak to me recently, tell a story, then add, "you know, my preferred spouse." Oh so happy to have started a trend. Well now I have two friends thinking of taking this idea one step further...
These two wonderful women, with multiple children between them, ex-husbands in the scene, but the lion's share of the parenting going to them, they are thinking of becoming a family. Remember the old show "Kate and Allie"? Yea! Like that! It makes such perfect sense to me. Every wife knows that what they most need, is a wife, or a highly evolved husband (I hear they exist).
Together these women will each work from home, share in the household duties, parenting duties, chaffeuring, etc... We know that money and sex cause the most fights in a man/woman marriage, this one won't even have to touch those issues. They will each have their own money for "their" families, and will work out a wonderful plan for sharing household expenses. Any men that come into their lives will exist beyond their family circle, not within. There will be no overlapping of circles for these women, no Venn Diagram, none of that stuff that makes everything weird and icky for everyone.
I can't wait to come to their "wedding", or whatever it is they do to celebrate their new beginning. Long may they last.


Michelle O'Neil said...

A few years after my parents divorced, my mom's friend's husband left her. She and her daughter moved in with us for a while. It was great for me. It was so much easier to talk to my mom's friend than my actual mother. I was able to get some adult input that I needed, but would have resisted from my own mom at the time.

Puanani said...

So, I was talking with a friend about this idea and he said "Why don't these women just go whole hog and add sex to the mix? If they're going to challenge convention, they might as well go all the way."
Why is it with men that it is impossible to conceive of a partnership without sex?

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Because men do not have intense/intimate relationships with other men, unless they are gay. Women have all kinds of deep and very intimate relationships with other women, and never ONCE consider hopping into bed with any of them! Sex and intimacy are not synonymous for women.

Anonymous said...

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