Monday, June 05, 2006

Part 2 of 2 in the "Am I Bad" Series
I don't do a lot of:
  • cooking
  • bringing in "slippers, sherry and pipe" at 6:02 (think Mary Poppins)
  • Inquiring about what's new at work
  • second guessing
  • criticizing
  • applying financial pressure
  • nagging
  • bossing
  • making demands

I do a lot of:

  • trusting
  • supporting
  • running the house
  • anticipating needs
  • knowing what "bugs" and trying to avoid those
  • interpreting mono-syllable answers
  • taking care of things myself, rather than burdening him

I may not prepare three meals a day like some wives, but there is always plenty of food in the house, and zero requests to help with the grocery shopping.

I may not have on a sexy little number and be waiting at the door for my husband to come home, but I am plenty sexy.

I may not ask a bunch of questions and coo soothingly as my husband tells me about his day, but I do not expect that from him, either.

I may leave my husband with the kids more than some wives, but my husband knows anytime he wants to do something away from the house, my answer will always be "yes", and there will be no guilt trips, ever.

I may want support to pursue my dreams, but I fully support my husband following his.

I am not a traditional wife. I am not the wife most husbands saw their mothers being. Does this make me a bad wife?


Anonymous said...

What is a traditional wife? It sounds like you honor and respect each other and THAT is what makes a good marriage. T

Jenny said...

You're one step ahead of me. I read Part I this morning and just logged back on to post a comment about the fact that I wonder whether I'm a "traditional" wife (since I don't cook, clean, or pop out babies, I'm thinking no). But Part II was already posted!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Funny how we never hear of men wracked with guilt, wondering if they are good enough husbands? Perhaps they do it? But I've never heard one of them do it out loud?

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