Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bad news for all you women out there that delivered your children in the "regular" way, and since time, have had issues with, you know, dribbling. I thought I'd figured out how to get through life with laughing, coughing and sneezing, but guess what I didn't know about, trampolines!
My husband, alternately the love of my life and bane of my existence, bought a trampoline for the kids. Every red flag I shot up, he shot down. The kids do love it, though, and maybe Rojo can cut down on his occupational therapy if he jumps in the backyard on the darn thing. That would pay for the trampoline in no time.
But I'm telling you, I just had no idea that I would like it, too, and now I can't even jump without having taken proper precautions! Everytime I try to act like a kid, my body reminds me that I'm not!


Michelle O'Neil said...

We too have a trampoline, and though we say it is for therapeutic purposes,for the kids, it is really for me. I LOVE IT!

I can jump all I wanna, and it's the one reason, (well, maybe one other reason too)that I can say I'm glad I had c-sections!

Jenny said...

Now see . . . my husband and I are debating the whole baby thing and I'm TERRIFIED of childbirth. Then I think I'm being ridiculous. Then I read this blog posting and think, No, I'm right to be paranoid -- I'll never laugh again! Plus, I'm a very violent sneezer (so that's just gonna be a mess).

So I think, okay, I'll get a C-section like Michelle (see above comment). But then I watched some program today where a lady had surgery and the anesthetic didn't take, but she was paralyzed from other drugs so she couldn't communicate to the doctors who were cutting her and . . . oh never mind.

Anonymous said...

you don't have to suffer or quit jumping...let me refer you to a women's health physical therapist. If you couldn't lift your coffee mug (although I am sure yours IS heavy)you'd strengthen your bicep, same thing with those other muscles.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

CG, If after 4 kids your muscles "there" are strong, I'm a believer!

Terry Whitaker said...

I just look at it as part of the fun with my (as well as the rest of the neighborhood) kids. They all time me to see how long I can jump before I have to run in and change!

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