Saturday, July 01, 2006

Around our house we are big fans of "the self -fix". My husband and I both believe that by messing around with something broken, we are likely to make it worse. Our rule of thumb is, walk away, see if it'll self -fix. You really gotta walk away, though, and quit screwing with it, for at least 24-hours. Things just need a day to themselves, sometimes, to get right with themselves.
The self-fix has repaired my driver's side power window button. The self-fix has managed to get the ice machine to stop making inordinate amounts of ice. The self-fix has worked to heal VCRs, DVDs, and CD players. The self-fix, I'm telling you, it's amazing.
Remember when my computer wouldn't connect to the internet, even though everything said "connection established"? Remember my crazed search of Wi-Fi? Well the computer was goofy all weekend, it wouldn't cooperate. On Monday I called "my" tech guy. He fixed it in 25 seconds. He unplugged the cable outlet, then the router, let 15 seconds transpire, then plugged in the router and the cable again. He said, "Sometimes there is just too much information coming in, and the computer gets confused. It needs to take a break. It needs to be cut off from the information stream and get its head cleared."
"Yea, me too," I thought. I get way too much information streaming in from all directions, I get confused, disoriented and need to cut myself off, occasionally. This just adds a whole new dimension to the self-fix plan for life. The key is to identify the need to un-plug, before the breakdown takes place, then take the break to self-fix, while fixing is still an option.


Reverse Stalker said...

I get this...just today, my computer went into total break down, freeze mode...just walk I said to myself, just walk away, but I can't..I have to keep tapping and deleting and pretty soon I'm frantic...and then, that's it...I leave for an hour..come back, perfect. Okay, fine, so much like a man!!

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