Wednesday, July 12, 2006

  1. Big men on tiny bikes
  2. Why "The City that Works", Portland, OR, has been working on the same stretch of road for a solid year, and seem nowhere near done
  3. Why this same city has its trucks perpetually driving backwards, BEEP, BEEP, BEEPING, on same stretch of road, RIGHT OUTSIDE MY HOUSE
  4. Why previously mentioned city begins working, RIGHT OUTSIDE MY CHILDREN'S BEDROOM WINDOWS at 7:23 AM.
  5. Tea (LAST beating for the poor, dead horse, I swear...)
  6. Why some arguments with the spouse never get "retired", despite the fact that I am so clearly right, and he is so clearly wrong
  7. The "joy" of cooking
  8. Nude beaches
  9. America's fixation of watching people eat gross things on TV
  10. Nascar or any other of that driving around in a circle stuff, let alone choosing to WATCH cars drive around in a circle, LOUDLY, for hours and hours as a form of relaxation


Michelle O'Neil said...

How about the big men on the bicycles, later that same day, at the beach...wearing speedos?

Anonymous said...

How about on the days I have to wake my son up at 8am for a 9am appointment, I can barely get him out of bed. On the mornings he can sleep in, he's up at 6am ready to go. I wish children came with timers.

I missed reading you! You are addicted to coffee, I to reading your blog. T

Reverse Stalker said...

#10 Leading American "sport" past time...oh yeah, a whole lot of athletic ability in pushing that pedal! Varoom, little boy, varooommmm and I know all-lllll about Nascar, my former spouse...huge fan. Not my spouse any longer...enough said...except how that saidformer-ness negates #6 & #1.

Now enough has been said.

I'm going to get some tea, a piece of fruit and consider the rest of this very thought provoking post!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch, Carrie, would you leave tea alone already? I watch your blog spreading worldwide and I fear for my favorite caffeine source. There are many more topics worthy/in need of your attention i.e. that we have "registration" fees at school EVERY YEAR, even though our kids are already attending and obviously registered!!! I like tea, and I am beginning to be afraid of admitting that....especially because I like plain old Lipton. Can we still be friends?

kario said...

May I add another to your list? How about the "sport" of boxing? What's up with people voluntarily getting the crap beat out of them and the people who watch it? How is that entertaining? Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

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