Monday, January 25, 2010


So, remember Friends 1 and 2 from New Seasons? Well, what I didn't tell you was this: Friend #2, that also has a boy with special needs AND a labradoodle, said this to me, "If you can get over the shedding, you should really talk to C. C. places retired guide dogs, or guide dog trainees that are dropped from the program for various (very) small reasons.

Hmmmmm, I thought, it would be great to get a TRAINED dog, not a puppy, and one that is built in for service!

So, again I swore to Friend #2 and the Universe, "I'll think about it."

Last night STM and I went to a fund raiser at Woohoo's school, and I hadn't made it 10 steps in the door before I run into C. NEVER see her (even though we live in the same neighborhood), and there she was. Let me hear you say, "No accidents."

"Carrie!" C. said, "I hear I'm supposed to talk to you about dogs!"

"Oh, I see you've already talked to Friend #2!" I responded.

"Yes! And I won't try to talk you into it, because it really is a huge commitment, but I do have to tell you, I have the perfect dog for you. She's a small black lab - only 52 lbs. She just retired, but she's only 5 or 6. We don't usually retire them until they're more like 10 or 11. She's super sweet, super mellow, and used to go to school every day with a child. She won't be hard to place, and there are people with higher priority on the list, but they don't have kids, and I really want to place her in a home with kids, ideally special needs."

Mary? I'm listening. I'm trying to weigh the known factors, against the unknown factors. It's feeling like a leap into the unknown may be made sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned.

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pixiemama said...

Let me just say, my leap into the unknown has been pretty wonderful.

You never know, friend, you never know.

xo said...

I'm going NUTS here!!!!!


Labs are such great dogs.Hands clasped over my chest. Look of love on my face.

type type type


Me said...

I am so totally on the edge of my seat for this conclusion.

Kimberly said...

Yes, no accidents. I have tears in my eyes - that sounds like a match made in heaven.

I could go on but I'll just stop.

no accidents indeed.

jess wilson said...

This one looks good -

what do you think?

Robin said...

That made me tear up. wow wow wow

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Very funny, Jess!

She said...

Sounds like perfection is knocking at your door!



Deb Shucka said...

It sure sounds like this whole thing is now completely out of your hands. :-) What's her name?

Chloe's Mommy said...

How great! Can't wait to hear what you decide.

Wanda said...

OMHOG! A trained dog? I would take one of those and I am NOT a dog person.

How would Rojo feel about learning to vacuum?

Anonymous said...

Take her!

Anne Marie said...

Oh Carrie--- I feel for you; what a big decision, but what a whole lot of signs.... It is amazing, isn't it?

love to you,

Go Mama said...

I'm not sayin' shit...except to say this. If Rojo can take on that pooper-scooper dealio, it's a done-deal!


Wanda said...

I'm sending this link because I read it in a Facebook post and then it showed up in my Bloglines account...and it reminded me of you...and we both read the Mary book and signs and wonders abound.

Lola said...


jillbob said...

A 2 year old chocolate lab fell into our lap 2 weeks ago. I was terrified at the extra commitment/ work. Last night Alex harnessed, leashed and walked the dog. No help from me. Watching them together was beautiful.

Good luck!

Cinda said...

Oh, ahhh, and I wait with bated breath. (Whatever that is.) You know I completely believe in karma and/or serendipity! Also, read my last blog and put a doggy into the mix! No pressure! ( < :

Jerri said...

On the edge of my seat here, waiting to hear what happens.


drama mama said...

i'm so excited. truly.

this is like a fabulous suspense novel, unfolding.

hcgoodman said...


lets have a playdate w/ Daisy and your new lab.

Amber said...

LMAO! That is just too much. :)