Thursday, January 21, 2010


"If you wish only to be healed,
you heal.
Your single pupose makes this possible.
But if you are afraid of healing,
then it cannot come through you.
The only thing that is required for a healing
is lack of fear.
The fearful are not healed,
and cannot heal.
This does not mean the conflict
must be gone forever from your mind to heal.
For if it were,
there were no need for healing then.
But it does mean, if only for an instant,
you love without attack.
An instant is sufficient
Miracles wait not on time."

From A Course in Miracles (Text, page 535)

Kathleen gave me the book, Prayers for Healing for Christmas. It's one of those 365 day books, a just right prayer a day. I love it. It has prayers from all faiths, all traditions, all beliefs. All love.

Deb and I talk so much about the idea of healing, and the ways to go about it. We think everyone should want to heal, and should be actively pursuing it, as a matter of fact. Then we throw our heads back and laugh at our own unhealed behavior, judging others and presuming we know what's best for anyone, let alone everyone.


It's tricky business. As Nancy Slonim Aronie said in the video below, "You cannot cut out the pain. You cannot skip the sorrow." True healing, I believe, can make things feel "worse" before they feel "better," because there's so damn much feeling involved. But, for those of you that are ready to heal, I highly recommend this book!

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Deb Shucka said...

I'm laughing over here, right along with Mary. This is truly healed insight. I hope I remember the next time my feathers are ruffled by someone else's unhealed behavior. :-) said...

Healing. We do it by seeing the perfection that is already within others and in ourselves.

When we remember Who we really are,we are healed.

Maddeningly,it is a moment to moment thing,not a DONE thing.

But I guess DONE would be dead.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Sounds like a good book. And I totally agree about things feeling worse before they feel better. It just takes so damn long! But then I realize that it takes as long as it needs to.

Amber said...

Oh, thank you friend. Going on the amazon list.

I read this a few times before I saw that it was from A Course. I am re-reading 'A Return To Love' right now. How funny that these words really sang to me.

I wish I could send them to my brother, and have him really hear it. (not cody. he would totally get it). Because I agree with you-- all people should want to heal.