Saturday, January 23, 2010


First it was Michelle O'Neil's fault, then it was Monica Holloway's fault. Dogs. We're talking about dogs here.

A little about me. I'm not a dog person. I would have a cat in a minute but all three other inhabitants of this home are allergic. So, no cat. Dogs need walking. Dogs have muddy paws. Dogs shed. Dogs like to lick you and rub up against you, and I'm not a touchy feely kind of person. I like my personal bubble and it's generous in its size. Dogs invade my personal bubble. My personal bubble is all that keeps me on this side of sane some days.

The other inhabitants ARE dog people and would have one in a minute. I get four votes to their three, however, as we all know to whom all responsibility for a dog would fall. And so, we do not, have never, and will never get a dog.


So on Tuesday we're sitting with the behavioral/developmental ped. with whom we've shared our story for twelve years, and he says, pointing at Rojo, "Ever think of getting this guy a dog? This guy needs a buddy."

As I protested he smiled knowingly. He listened to my many, many, many reasons why we could not possibly get a dog, and he said, "You're right. But the right dog would take 10% and give 90%. The right dog would make your life easier, not harder. The right dog would free up your time, not create more work for you, especially if the dog was Rojo's responsibility."

The doc suggested a labradoodle both because of how smart they are, and the no shedding thing. I didn't even know they made such a thing as a no-shedding dog. Brilliant. I told him I knew of a family with both a special needs boy about Rojo's age, and a labradoodle, and I would agree to talk to them about it. Then I agreed I would consider it.

Just consider it.

So, the very next day I pick up Woohoo from school early (finals), and we head over to New Seasons before picking up Rojo. We run into a dear friend of ours, she was actually Woohoo's 8th grade mentor for a special independent learning project. We're chatting it up in the narrow aisle of New Seasons, and who walks in? Go ahead, guess. Oh, yea, the mom with the special needs son and the labradoodle. Of course these two women are friends, and we all four chat, making it impossible for anyone at New Seasons to shop without going around us, and so that's just what we do, make them go around us.

I say to Friend #2, "I can't believe you just walked in the door, you're on my To Talk To list. Rojo's doctor wants us to get him a labradoodle."

Friend #2 proceeds to give me 101 reasons why that's the best idea since sliced bread. Friend #1 says, "That's the kind of dog we have, too!" I can't believe it as I've seen both dogs and they look nothing alike. Then I'm informed of the three different sizes, and how Friend #1 has a mini, and Friend #2 has the largest size. Plus there are lots of colors, etc., and for anyone, like me, with an untrained eye, they look like different types of dogs, but of course, they are not. They're the same.

And we're all together within 24-hours of the discussion. The only two friends I know with this type of dog, two of the most invested in our family friends I have, and there they are. Manifested.

So Friend #1 says, "There are two great places to get labradoodles in Oregon, we got ours from Labradoodle Angels.

"Mom, ANGELS! You collect ANGELS! It's a sign!" Woohoo says to me, as I both wish she weren't standing here getting her hopes up, and glad she is.

We eventually say goodbye to Friends 1 and 2 and Woohoo says,"Mom, it can't be an accident that we ran into BOTH of them at the SAME time, and they BOTH have labradoodles. Don't you think?"

Yes. I think.

So we go home, I dump Woohoo and am getting ready to head out to get Rojo, and she calls from behind her computer, "MOM! OMG, MOM! Guess what? Guess what one of the puppies is named! Guess!"

"I don't know," I say, "Woohoo?"

"No!, MARY! M-A-R-Y! It's another sign!"

And I'm sure it is. I'm sure Mary is messing with me again. And I've agreed to go down this path a little further, warning everyone involved that I reserve the right to turn around at any point.

But still. C'mon. What are the chances?

Photo from: www.gorgeousdoodles


deb said...

It's a sign.

Chloe's Mommy said...

I'm with has to be a sign.

And I agree with the ped...the right dog can be a very good thing, even if you are not accustomed to having dogs. I have two large (think: 100 lbs -- each) dogs, and my daughter absolutely adores them...and they her.

I can't even begin to count the number of times I've walked into Chloe's room to find her snuggling up with one of our furpeople. It's priceless.

Good luck in your journey, Carrie. If you let them in, you may just be surprised at a furperson's ability to melt your heart.

pixiemama said...

LMAO with you, my friend. See what you get when you teach your children valuable lessons about Mary, angels & "no accidents"?

I will tell you this. Everyone in this house calls Clara MY dog, even though I'm the one who LEAST likes dogs (in theory or reality) in this family. And then, this morning when I was singing the blues and the children were playing (mostly) happily and J wasn't here, I turned to Clara for snuggles and love, and got exactly what I needed in return.

good luck

Deb Shucka said...

I love this story and the direction it's traveling! I love your willingness to travel a road you wish wasn't even on your map. I love how much help you're getting from Mary. :-)

Anne Marie said...

Mary IS really cute. said...

You have made me so happy.

I mean...this will make Rojo so happy!

It will. This is going to be so good!

Me said...


no accidents

Go Mama said...

OMHOG! I smell a Labradoodle in your future!

no accidents


Love you!

courtneywrites said...

I am not a dog person. But if you get one, I'll send you some dog treats. (my brother-in-law runs it)

Robin said...


I blame Michelle for our dog too.

therocchronicles said...


We said we would NEVER get a dog. Four cats later...we've got a dog.

Loving it.

I understand your concerns as I shared them. Much of the work falls on me...but he gives back so much and I just know that after we get past the hassle of the puppy stage - it's going to be even better.

That is one CUTE dog!

Can't wait to read more!

blackknightsbrood said...

From here this looks like a one way street.

I'd have sped by with my own foot on the gas not so long ago. Why is it that just when I begin to sway you post something like this with so many points to add to the short plus column. (though the few points there weigh heavily). 10%, 90%...
Please don't let my boys ask for their puppy tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing the first pics of your new coming family member.

Lola said...

chances are VERY high...but then again, I am a dog person-much better than people most of the time. Something to do with that unconditional love, not talking back and keeping all your secrets! I have 120 pounds of shedding love at my house! xo

Elizabeth said...

It's definitely a sign. My parents have a fabulous butterscotch Goldendoodle -- it's really the best, best dog ever. I'm not a dog person either, and five years ago I signed on with a group in San Diego that helps to you to train your dog to be a service dog. We agreed and got a standard poodle. The training became too much and too far away, and Valentine (our poodle) became a family dog. It was all worth it. She drives me crazy but she's definitely worth it. Definitely. Do it.

1933margaret said...

So, did you get a dog Carrie? It is the best gift you could get him/yourself. period. My vote is for Mary. It is a sign.

Tabitha Bird said...

It is clear to me that you must immediately go out and buy said dog. The fact that I am a MASSIVE fan of anything dog is not at all coloring my opinion here. :P

It is a sigh.

Get the dog :)

jess wilson said...

oh honey, you're done for. might as well surrender now and enjoy the process.

Tom Bailey said...

Cats cause my nose to run and eyes to water and I can not have them around me either.

Pets can be fun to take for walks etc.

Your mention of Angels reminds me of a charity that I have worked with that has prisoner that make stained glass angels to give to people that have experienced loss in their lives.

I like the way that you share your stories.


drama mama said...

it's a done deal.

please don't be hurt, but i'll have to avoid these dog posts...

someone over here is hinting. hard.

enjoy. i think rojo will be brilliant with his buddy.

Suzy said...

Go get Mary,

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Of course there's a labradoodle named Mary! In Oregon! And I say what Jess said. Exactly that. xoxo

Wanda said...

The right dog will be a blessing. For you. The chances it's chance? Slim to none. Coincidence is God's alley.

MangoPeanut said...

the doctor is right! the right dog takes 10 and gives 90. my dogs have brightened my life beyond my wildest dreams so that taking care of them is the least of my worries.

good luck!

Pie Maker said...

No Accidents!

Jerri said...

The chances of these things happening are 100 percent.

The right friends and situations arise when you're open to them.


You are being offered an option. When the time comes, you will know what to do. Trust that.

Mary will help you.

Amber said...

Oh Carrie. There are so many, many reasons why I love you. :)

Just get the rigtht dog. I shopped around A LONG TIME for the right breed, when I first got the bite to get a dog-- NOT being a dog person, myself. I didn't even understand it. But I came up with the Cavalier King Charles, and for the most part, he has been good for all of us.(also no shed, and soft like a cat, and lazy. I like me a lazy dog. lol)

I say 'the most part', because no matter what, it is one more thing to care for, and it is all me. But I think this was the plan, up stairs. I think my bubble of space needed to be popped a little.

I can't wait to hear about this journey you are on. lol


kario said...

Oh, crap. You're in for it now, aren't you?