Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So, how many of you are in class with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah each week? I am so curious as to how many of my readers are doing this.

This is at least my fourth run at this book, and I'm still far, far, FAR from full integration, but I have had the following breakthroughs:


10. That whole heaven/hell, Devil/God thing I grew up believing in? BOTH IN US, one is called our true selves, one is called our PAIN BODY!

9. You can't argue with a pain body!

8. It's nicer to say to yourself, "Oh, I see that their pain body has been activated," as opposed to my usual, "WTF! They are a total whack job!"

7. Nobody is going to awaken before they are ready. Like forcing flowers to bloom you may get "results," but they aren't natural/organic/authentic.

6. We already know the answers to our deepest questions, then we just put a lot of words on top to keep our pain bodies busy. Our true self always knows. Always.

5. Everything that "happens" is a chance to practice stillness.

4. As soon as we "need" to win, we've already "lost."

3. No amount of personal work is going to force change in another. Our personal work is personal, and IF it affects others, than that's great, but cannot be the impetus for our change.

2. People in our lives that say one thing and do another? They may not actually be psychotic (see #8), they just may have dense pain bodies that are easily activated. Their true selves believe what they are "saying," but their pain bodies are "doing" another.

1. Like attracts like. You cannot be peaceful, truly peaceful, and have everyone "against" you. It just doesn't work that way.


Kathryn said...

Hey Carrie. I'm write there with you in class! I started out with the Power of Now awhile ago and had no one to discuss this with then. Now, however, I find many others, thank God.

Go check out my blog. I put something on there that goes right along with Tolle and let me know what you think.

shauna said...

I tried to sign up for the class but had computer issues. I'd love to hear what others are experiencing. I need to read the book...

Anonymous said...

I think I'm stuck in #8.

riversgrace said...

Amen! And thanks for the idea of burning the talks on cd and listening in the car. I already told two people about that today. What a good thing to spread, these teachings.

Mom of 3 said...

I just purchased the book and can't wait to find time to read....

Terry Whitaker said...

I am hooked.

I'm reading it every morning--it's my new bible. And I've downloaded all the discussions onto my ipod (the only reason I got an ipod) and listen.

Jess said...

I signed up, but I'm not home in time on Mondays and I haven't had/made the time to listen to any of it after the first two. Which is about how far I got in the book. Thanks for the summary, and I'll get on it. Good idea on burning it to CD.

I listened to the Power of Now on CD in my car years ago. Good stuff.