Monday, April 21, 2008


Jess turned me on to another amazing group, THE WAILIN' JENNYS. Jess is very generous and offered me her extra ticket to last night's show, but it didn't work out that I could go. Instead I downloaded all their music and have been listening to it non-stop. LOVE THEM!!!!! I love harmony. Don't we all? All. Kinds. These three have harmony NAILED!

I want more harmony in my life. In fact, I am keeping a chair for harmony. Here are the lyrics to one of their songs that particularly speaks to me, particularly speaks to the biggest obstacle between me and harmony, letting go. Particularly hard for me to do. I'm so good at hanging on. I am taking away "Hanging On's" chair. It's gone.

by Nicky Mehta
To hear them perform this song live, click here.

Hey, maybe the time
just wasn't right to hang on
When are you gonna learn
Sometimes things turn instead of turn out
Hey, when are you gonna stand
Stop looking over your shoulder
Me, with a head full of words
And not one useful expression
Hey, let go
We, with holes in our hearts
Were whole at the start
Our story began
We film ourselves 'til the end
Try to suspend our lives in the dark
Hey, when are you gonna stand
Stop looking over your shoulder
See, there's a sun in the sky
And a moon that will take us til morning
When are you gonna stand
Stop and begin this moment
Hey, let go
Let go

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Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

Harmony and understanding...

"Me, with a head full of words
And not one useful expression"

LOVE this line!!!
Like that!

La La said...

Letting go is one of the main premises of centering prayer. Letting go is hard work. It seems simple, but it ain't.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

I'm hanging onto to you.

lo said...


Go Mama said...

There's a lot of Jennys in your life these days....

kario said...

Love the Wailin' Jennys! Love that you've discovered them. I think you're going to be a music promoter in your next life....

Jess said...

Oh, I wish you could have heard this live, and heard Nicky's intro. I did miss you that night, but I'm glad you got the music anyway.

Such a great song.

You can watch her sing it here: