Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I'm probably going to have to change the name of my blog to "Partially Caffeinated." I know. I'm devastated too. It's the damndest thing, I am just NOT into coffee these days. I'm actually reconsidering my stance on tea. I know. Big. Stuff.

But even bigger than those deep blows, is the fact that ever since I went off my meds (6 weeks ago now), I am just not my old self. Best news of all? I'm not my old, old self either. I thought that if I went off I'd go right back into high anxiety mode, gun to the head, rat on a wheel, go, go, crazy go girl.

So it seems I'm a third self, and she has new ideas about my care and well being! She cries a lot. She feels things very deeply. She can't even hear the name Jenny McCarthy without tearing up in gratitude. This girl prioritizes her days differently. The To Do list is secondary, and the To Be list is a priority. This girl decided she needed just the right crystal to help with cord cutting, and she threw her schedule out the window and went in search for it.

When this girl got to the shop where she knew they sold crystals, the shop owner greeted her and said, "Carrie? You don't have an appointment, do you?" No, I assured her that this time I was visiting her store to actually shop, not to see one of her many amazing "readers" that works there.

"I need a crystal," the new girl said, "I mean I NEED a crystal."

"Well then," the shop owner said, "make your rounds!"

I found the one I needed in about 2 seconds and took it to the counter. The shop owner said, "Well, of course you needed this one. We just got it in. Today. I haven't seen one this 'robust' in a long time. It has your name all over it."

So now I am the new girl with the new crystal. Energetically I'm a bonder. Your stuff, my stuff, it's all wrapped up into one big ball of goo, and I need help in cutting that. I am being pulled and pulling, and that's just not fair to anyone. There is a practice called cord cutting, and that is pretty much what it does, separates things energetically, and puts them all back in their places with bright shiny faces. Crystals are not necessary, but they are helpful, they expedite the process. One part of old, and old, old Carrie that remains, is the love for expediency! Check, check!

So, if I have your "stuff" and you'd like it back? It's yours. I cut your story loose from mine. If you have my stuff and you'd like to dump it? Please do, and thank you for taking such good care of it in the meantime.

According to the Satya Center,
"Rose quartz projects soft, soothing vibrations that resonate with the frequency of unconditional love, stimulating the heart chakra. Rose quartz is a gently healing stone, allowing for the slow opening of the heart to love and healing. Rose quartz supports the wearer or bearer in all spiritual practices and daily activities that promote the development of compassion for all beings -- and especially for oneself. Rose quartz has often been used in the treatment of wounds to the emotional body, and especially a wounded heart, but can also be used effectively in treatment of the throat, third eye and crown chakra.


Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

Third self.

The Trinity.

A stool must have three legs to balance.

The best relationships have three components -- You, Me, Us.

Love that you have found this Third Self. It just feels so right when I read it. I hope it feels just as right as you live it.

"So, if I have your "stuff" and you'd like it back? It's yours. I cut your story loose from mine. If you have my stuff and you'd like to dump it? Please do, and thank you for taking such good care of it in the meantime."
Thank YOU!

AND...speechless about the coffee/tea revelation!

Jess said...

I love this post, so interesting this journey of yours, truly.

I think I have throat chakra (expression) issues. Maybe I need one of those crystals too. Yours sounds lovely.

And if you don't let me be the first one to make you some really good tea, I will be devastated. Friday morning? (I promise not to tell Terry...)

lo said...


Mama 'N Me said...

LOVE rose quartz. Now I know why.

May its healing powers fill your heart.

Peace above you.
Peace below you.
Let all around you be peace.


Jenny said...

Took me six tries before I could separate from coffee. I don't think it's permanent, but it's important for now. There are some pretty tasty herbal teas out there.

Kathryn said...

Check out also rhodochrosite, Carrie. Soothing and grounding.

I'm glad you have a shop like that you can go to where you can actually shop quality stones and crystals. I had access to that in Virginia but not around these parts now.

Your Self has many facets, like in a jewel. Abe says things are always changing, ever expanding through contrast and preference.

You have become so aware and received incredible insight since I have been reading your wonderful blog.

Love. :)

holly said...

1. Half-Cafe as the new name?

2. Yeah, let's go to the teahouse

3. beautiful post.

kario said...

Yup, the acquisition of a rose quartz just seems perfect for you, Valentine Baby!

I can absolutely feel the healing energy coming from you. You go, girl!

Eileen said...

Love the compassion for all beings, especially for ones self....that says it all. That is so you Carrie. I have always loved Rose Quartz, have a huge chunk of it on my writing desk. I love visiting Seven Rays.

What a journey you are on Carrie. What I wouldn't give to have the amazing insights into myself, that you have discovered in yourself. You inspire me.

Deb said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Such insights. Such healing. I'm so excited for you. Love to you and your gentle self.

marge said...

Love this beautiful post. Love that tea is becoming a part of your life. It is so comforting. Love that you have discovered this third self. It must feel so good.
Love you my dear.