Friday, April 04, 2008


This third Carrie is really a piece of work, she is obsessed with chai tea, something she could barely tolerate three weeks ago, and requires three times a day now. She finally gave in and bought the supplies to make it at home, since running to the coffee house each day, thrice daily, was becoming expensive, time-consuming, and just all around ridiculous.

Yesterday, however, I was not at home when the "need" arose. I'd taken a bunch of eighth graders on a field trip and suddenly found myself with 30 minutes of time I hadn't counted on, as I was not needed to chaperone, merely drive them somewhere, wait around, and return them to school later. So, I hopped in my car, went on down the road until I found somewhere for my fix, and ordered. As I ordered I laughed to and at myself.

If I just took off the word "latte" and replaced it with "emotion," I'd be getting therapy on top of therapy! What I order is such a metaphor for my mental state!

"May I have a grande, non-fat hot, spicy emotion please?"

"I'll have a tall, extra hot, no whip emotion please?"

"Decaf, short, non-fat emotion!"

"Iced venti, extra shot emotion, please."

Hmmm... can't talk now, gotta go make my second extra-large emotion of the day, and it's only 6:30 AM.


shauna said...

Can I call my diet coke emotion too? One 44 oz emotion with lemon please?

paul maurice martin said...

Just drive, no chaperone? I wish I'd worked in YOUR school...

Wait, I take it back, you said 8th graders...

meanie said...

i tagged you in a meme! check it out at

Deb said...

What you've hit on here is what Starbucks banks on. I personally prefer my emotions with lots of half and half.

Eileen said...

I totally get this, my emotions are still lattes. Or if things get really rough, vanilla or mocha. My emotions need their fix to stay even. Wish I loved the tea, I have tried. Whatever works for you at this moment, it is exactly where you should be.

Jess said...

Yeah, whatever your hot beverage of choice is, it's more than a beverage, it's necessary comfort.

But really, we need to talk about your beverage choices. Chai is great, but where are you getting it and how are you making it?

If you're going to explore these things, we need to have a meeting about it.