Friday, April 18, 2008


Jenny, my Jenny, pass the Kleenex, was just in Portland with her work for Generation Rescue. Generation Rescue was started in Portland, and was the first place where Jenny began to find answers for her son's autism recovery. Jenny, my Jenny, now sits on the board. But this woman doesn't sit. She stands. Barefoot. "High heels are bullshit." How do you not LOVE a woman that calls it like it is?? Generation Rescue has created a film, Autism Yesterday, which I just watched. Pass more Kleenex, please. I wasn't able to score access to Jenny's talk in Portland, but I have friends in high places, and one of them DID go, and she stopped by my house today to tell me all about it, and present me with my autographed copy of LOUDER THAN WORDS.

I know the picture above is backwards, so I'll spare you the need to find a mirror, the book says, "To Carrie - Come to Washington D.C. with me! (heart) Jenny McCarthy." I believe she accidently forgot the "My Carrie," part, which is totally understandable as there was a huge crowd and time was of the essence.

I guess Jenny speaks to a lot of mom's groups, and my friend in high places told My Jenny that we have one here, and there's a chance the next time she comes to Portland she'll be joining us. Which is totally exciting, and just makes good sense if My Jenny and I are going to get our Washington D.C. trip all ironed out!

So. There you have it.


Michelle O'Neil said...

DC is on Riley's b-day. Still not sure if I will go but it will be quite the event!

Jenny is my hero.

One of them.

La La said...

Love the picture. Love that you have friends in high places. Love that you are my friend and that you are also in high places!

Happy Friday!

lo said...

soooooooo cool!
nice pic!
i saw Jenny (yes, your Jenny) on Ellen. She rocks!
Like you!

Drama Mama said...

I saw her on Larry King the other night.

Is this really the same woman from "Singled Out?"

Evolution. Wow. She's impressive.

riversgrace said...

You are the most connected person to people all over. Did I get that all in? You rock, Carrie.

You are the Link! That's a verb!

Jenny said...

You better come visit another Jenny who lives in DC! Come stay with me.

Terry Whitaker said...

Great Post!

kario said...

Okay, getting some tissues and going to watch the movie now.

Love that you got the book.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Very Impressive Carrie. Jenny is an amazing woman. I love listening to her speak and her book is amazing. I love the picture and I hope you get to DC.