Sunday, April 13, 2008


I've spent the weekend with 13, almost 14-year-old girls, soon to graduate from 8th grade and face the big world of high school. This is particularly big since they've been in school together since kindergarten, in their small, one class at every grade, school.

After having this amount of time with each other, truly they are more like siblings than friends. They know each other inside and out, for better or for worse, and tease and call each other on their "stuff" in a way that can only be described as impressive! I've gotta think they know an intimacy in friendship that is going to serve them well when they find life partners.

Here are my favorite snippets:

Inside Safeway where each girl (3) was given a little basket and told, by me, that they could go fill it up with junk food for the weekend, but they had to have at least one "food, food" item in it, too.

A: Can I get Herbal Essence?

Me: Do you NEED shampoo?

A: No, but my mom doesn't let me buy that kind, and I really want to try it.

Me; Let's skip the Herbal Essence, then.

A: How about Fabreeze? Can I get Fabreeze?

Me: Do you NEED Fabreeze?

A: No, but same thing as with the shampoo...

A: How about a Fabreeze CANDLE?? THAT would be really cool!

Me: OK, let's stick with food this time, but I'll totally get you a Safeway gift card for your birthday, and you can go NUTS!


Inside Hollywood Video as they try to agree on a movie:

K: Let's get "Pearl Harbor" it's SO good!


L: I don't want to LEARN, this is the weekend.

K: Let's get "Titanic!"

A: I don't want to cry!

L: I don't consider watching boats, entertainment.


After watching their selected movie, "Saved," and fighting to tell me all about it, simulaneously:

K: It was SUCH a good movie! I've seen it before? And the girl was Catholic? And her name was Mary? But she wasn't Mary Christ.


A: Who is Mary Christ?

K: Yea, you know, Jesus, Joseph and Mary Christ? It wasn't that Mary.

A: Who wasn't that Mary?

L: How do you you know that was Mary's last name? Maybe she kept her maiden name!


Terry Whitaker said...

I can picture each and every one of them! Can you imagine our mother's handing us a basket at Safeway for junk food?? They should've been kissing your feet!

La La said...

Peeing my pants here. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the movie Saved! I wish I'd been at your house for the sleepover -- getting all the junk food I wanted and watching Saved, how fabulous!

Jenny said...

I love the basket idea.

Kim said...

SO adorable! I love the way these girls think.

Amber said...

"K: Yea, you know, Jesus, Joseph and Mary Christ? It wasn't that Mary."--

Oh holy crap, that made me spit my drink. LOL!


kario said...

Your courage knows no bounds, my dear.

So glad the girls had a good time - you're right to revere their female bonds at this point. What a lovely treasure.

marge said...

Loved reading this post because I'm about to leave on a trip with my daughter and some of her friends for their senior year trip. Me, Beth and her 6 friends since 8th grade.

Priceless comments from the girls.
Love it. I won't be giving them baskets at the grocery store though. God only knows what they would put in those baskets at 18 years old.

Robin said...

That was too funny. So what did they decide Mary's maiden name was?

Deb said...

I wonder what they would say if those girls knew their serious conversation is the funniest thing in blogville right now. You are an awesome mom and hostess - but then that's nothing new!

Mary Christ! Who knew?