Thursday, April 24, 2008

COMEBACK, by Claire and Mia Fontaine

I stayed up last night and finished COMEBACK. Wow. It is so rare that a book grabs me and won't let go. I LOVE when that happens, even better when I learn deep truths while being grabbed!

* What are the payoffs for your SLBs? (Self Limiting Behaviors) There is a reason why we keep doing what we do, what are those reasons?? Sympathy? Control? Approval? Getting to be "right?"

* "Being a victim gives you an excuse for not being accountable for your own life. Blame is a wedge against feeling powerless."

* "Transformation will not tolerate mediocrity, it will not tolerate fear."

"Caretaking is never about the other person. It's about wanting to feel needed because you're afraid you're not wanted. Can you see the connection between that behavior and the belief that you're not good enough?"


* "Control is always about fear."

"We live by two things - love and fear. Every choice, every thought, every action stems from one of these, and when your time comes, when you reach out - if you reach out - it's love that will save you. Love will get you through everything."


mamatulip said...

I read this too and was riveted. What a story!

Jenny said...

I read that book a few months ago and really liked it.

riversgrace said...

I saw them interviewed, can't remember where, but it was powerful. So glad you have to space to do your thing. Love.

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

You make some good points here. LOVE that you're sharing your learnings with us. Thank you.

Just need to say...
Being a victim does give one absolution from responsibility AND sometimes circumstances are such that one cannot avoid being a victim.
Control is an illusion in regard to not self, but not necessarily in regard to self.
Love and fear are the ultimate choices. LOVE that love wins when we let it.

kario said...

Stop talking about me like that! How dare you! ;-)


La La said...

"Transformation will not tolerate mediocrity, it will not tolerate fear."

WOW! Could explain my areas of being STUCK!

La La said...

Okay. Amazon. Click. Click. Wait for package. Done.

Jess said...

Thanks. Keep the snippets of wisdom coming. :)