Friday, May 08, 2009


Remember when I wrote about our front window failing? Well, it's taken us awhile to order and install a new one - not exactly our first choice of where to spend money, but it needed to be done.

Thursday, as an early Mother's Day present, STM arranged to have someone come help him install it. It arrived over a week ago and has just been sitting in the living room. I'm having 20 women in my house this morning for a support group meeting, and 20 different (actually some are the same) women over tonight for a 6th grade moms book exchange/Margarita party. He knew getting the new window OFF the living room floor and IN the wall, would make me very happy.

Smart man.

Then he really outdid himself.


10. Got the new window in

9. Got the old window hauled away

8. Painted the trim of the new window

7. Arranged to have his friend the window washer come over and wash BOTH sides before I got home

6. While he had the touch-up paint out, he painted the big "ding" on the silverware drawer in the kitchen

5. And the one by the dishwasher

4. And the one on the basement door

3. And then he did the RISERS going up the stairs

2. Then he mowed both the front and back lawns

1. And edged them

THAT, is abiding love.


Anonymous said...

Love STM. No need for him to be S Packs.

Maddy said...

Blimey, your cup runneth over! Hope the rest of the weekend goes as swimmingly.

Anonymous said...

dreamy sigh

Suzy said...


nothing better than that.

Love you


kario said...

Loving this gluten-free lifestyle for STM!

You deserve all this and so much more, my friend. Hope your Friday meetings are a ball.

Me said...

give that man a "cookie"

pixiemama said...

Man of many dreams.
Happy Mama's day.


Wanda said...

I am loving STM...and it could become an abiding thing.

What time are the margaritas being served?

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Sweet! Clone that man!

Amber said...

Very niiiice.


Ask Me Anything said...

truly abiding

Jerri said...

Happy Mother's Day, Carrie.

Deb Shucka said...

Wow! The best gift is one that says I know what you want. He got this as right as rain. So glad for you both.

marge said...

What truely wonderful person he must be. Hope you had a great time.

graceonline said...

Sweet guy. And what a gorgeous view from your front window--like a movie set.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Foreplay if I ever saw it.

She said...

He's a real keeper! :-)