Monday, May 11, 2009

Had all the moms in Rojo's class over on Friday night (well, almost all, 18/29). Everyone brought a book that they'd already read and really liked and we did an exchange. You know the kind: the kind that involves drawing numbers, stealing and laughing.
Here is a list of all the books exchanged - maybe you'll get some ideas for your own summer reading lists.
1) Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume
2) The Story of Edgar Sawtelle*
3) The Birth of Venus*
4) Ishmael*
5) The Zookeeper's Wife*
6) Dry
7) Behind the Bedroom Door
8) It's a Chick Thing
9) Paris to the Moon*
10) The Summer of Naked Swim Parties
11) The Friday Night Knitting Club
12) Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
13) The Hours
14) Watermelon
15) The Last Lecture
16) Peace Like a River*
17) Love in the Time of Cholera
18) Agatha Christie

* On my own summer reading list, the others I have either read or they just aren't up my alley.


Anonymous said...

yesterday, darby and i went to this fabulous warehouse bookstore in town. it was torture! i wanted to roll around in the boxes of books - open them, smell them, devour each and every one of them. but alas, i bought one (the alchemist) and added it to the pile beside my bed - entered into the long queue of 'when i have time'.


Robin said...

You have the best ideas for parties!

pixiemama said...

The Zookeeper's Wife is the book I'll be reading on my way to your coast!

Edgar Sawtelle was excellent.

Have you read Belong to ME? I just started it...

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I should probably read Love and Other Impossible Pursuits. Story of my life!

Wanda said...

Olive Kitteridge is next on my list.

Jenny said...

What a great idea - I might copy it.

She said...

I love that painting!

Great list. I can't wait to READ again! Crazy, stupid busy right now.

Deb Shucka said...

What a great list! I've read most of these and loved them. I love the idea of the party, too - a lot.

kario said...

The Zookeeper's Wife ROCKS! One of my favorite books.

I'm working on Wally Lamb's newest right now. It's a monster.