Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just got my Internet restored after about 20 hours of funky service.

Thought I would DIE!

How am I supposed to read blogs?

How am I supposed to check e-mail?

How am I supposed to Google each and every thing that pops into my brain?

How am I supposed to check the weather report?

How am I supposed to SURVIVE?

Besides, really wanted to tell you all about the hole in Rojo's mouth I just noticed this morning, and then the weird little white thing on his BEDROOM FLOOR I almost vacuumed up before realizing it was a tooth.

Besides, really wanted to tell you that I just got back from the naturopath's office and now have a new stock of bio-identical hormones, which should help significantly with the near PANIC I am experiencing.

Besides, really wanted to inform you that according to the receptionist/also-a-naturopath-that-specializes-in-mental-health, upgraded me from Internet ADDICTION, to Internet DEPENDENCY.

Besides, really wanted to get all this out of my brain and onto the "page" before it shorts out again and I am left stranded with only my own unexpressed thoughts!


She said...

I almost peed reading that! You're too funny -- mostly because I CAN TOTALLY RELATE.

And NOW I know that my phone addiction can be upgraded (or would it be downgraded?) to an out and out FREAKIN' DEPENDENCY! (Nevermind that I hardly use the thing for talking -- I use it as a mini-computer: email, texting, googling, navigating, etc. Yes. My phone can do ALL OF THAT, and I can read and comment on blogs from the damn thing!)

"Sorry, little phone, didn't mean to put 'damn' in front of 'thing' and refer to you!"

pixiemama said...

aside from the clean freak thing, i think we might be soul sisters...and i need to move to Portland to see your naturopath.

Jerri said...

Welcome home.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Back in 1998-99 there was a nursing school professor who FORCED us to learn the internet and I hated her for it. We were so damn busy with school, who had the time? And how would it ever be relevant to my life?

Amber said...

RIGHT?! It is soooo bad when you are cut off like that...And then you realize how bad it is to feel like it is SO BAD! lol

It's a problem.


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I would be SO LOST without the internet - I do absolutely everything online.

Go Mama said...

That's SUCH a Carrie post, top to bottom!
Glad to have you back!

Anonymous said...

ok, this is just freaky .. my post today is in exactly this form .. wtf? ok, so no accidents, but um .. weird.

anyway, damn that al gore and his invention! lol

Nancy said...

Perhaps we should join a support of course.

Nancy said...

BTW, just starting to read about bio-identical hormones. Are they working for you?

Lori said...

And the hand doesn't move fast enough across the page.

And the pen? How do we hold those again?

And the thought is gone before you get to the second sentence.

And who knew hands could cramp?

Paper? Can we get some with LINES, please?

And what's happening on Twitter that you missed?

And Yahoo! News? How can the world keep spewing out news without your eyes there to read it?

And is Jennifer Aniston really adopting? Where will you ever find that article, that probably posted within the window of time you were offline?

Yea. I get it. :)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Nancy, yes, bioidentical hormones WORK - at least for me - and they work WELL! No more insomnia! No more hot flashes! No more lots of things that were making me want to crawl out of my skin and go on a killing spree!

kario said...

If you get an iPhone you can do all of that without your computer.

Just sayin'...

Wanda said...

Glad to have you back. When my computer is non-functional or I have no internet access, I feel totally isolated. When my car is non-functional, I feel like my legs have been cut off.

Glad the hormones work. "He needed killing" is not a legal defense in Oregon.

Jenny said...

I was wondering why is was taking you so long to post another blog!


Deb Shucka said...

Have the tremors subsided yet?