Wednesday, May 06, 2009


It's Teacher Appreciation Week, and I for one don't even know where to begin with my appreciation for all the various teachers in my life, and my children's.

Thank you.

Times one million.

Our PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) has a special week planned at Rojo's school, and the kids were given a couple 1/2 sheets of paper and asked to jot down a kindly message to a teacher or two. Taking a gamble I gave four to The Wonder That is Jenn and hoped she'd be able to get some response out of Rojo.

Up popped this e-mail today:


If you can meet me before school gets out today that would be great. I have Rojo story/stories that will bring you to tears. Not with laughter, but pride. He is so stinking cute, I can hardly handle it. Let me know.

I was able to get to school a few minutes before he got out, and Jenn had made copies of the SIX teacher appreciation notes he'd written just today, with vows to make more tomorrow. "I'm going to make ALL the teachers one."

Which is darling.

But not as darling as the fact that he peered over the top of his glasses staring off into space, deeply contemplating just the right words to put down for each teacher. DIFFERENT words, hand crafted for each one.

"Jenn, what's that 2nd grade teacher's name? I'm going to do one for her," Jenn told me.

He was stumped, though, because he never had this particular teacher, but that was no excuse not to be appreciative.

So instead of telling her what a great teacher she IS, he just advised her to BE a good teacher. Good advice, you gotta admit.

He's really loving the creative writing "rotation" he's in. "Jenn, if I just write CW will Mrs. Martin know what it stands for?"

She assured him Mrs. Martin will understand.

I just hope she, and all the other teachers, understand our full appreciation.


Anonymous said...

with tears in my eyes .. i hope, no, i know, they will understand how much those notes mean.

our teachers deserve all of our praise and gratitude. i can't imagine where we'd be without their dedication and loving guidance.

Michelle O'Neil said...

I think Rojo deserves a few cards this week.

kario said...

What is that school going to do without him? He is leaving such an incredible imprint in that community, isn't he? What a legacy. This boy rocks!

Anonymous said...

Your son rocks.

Suzy said...

Your son, the Diplomat,

"So instead of telling her what a great teacher she IS, he just advised her to BE a good teacher."

What a love!

Wanda said...

Dear Rojo,

Thank you for all that you teach me. I learn a lot from the stories your mom shares on her blog. Thank you for letting her share them with us.

I just wanted you to know on Teacher Appreciation Week...

Rojo rocks!


PS - Thank you, too, Carrie.

Drama Mama said...

As a teacher, I would KILL to get a note like that.

All teachers should be so lucky to have such a pupil.

I mean teacher.

Go Mama said...

That's our boy!!!

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

He is a total sweetheart. Such love!

Deb Shucka said...

You raised this boy right! It's notes like his that touch our teacher hearts in the very tenderest places.

She said...

All kinds of awesome!