Friday, March 06, 2009


Here in the Willamette Valley we're starting to see signs of spring. Daffodils are up and will start to open any day. Twice now in March I've run errands without a winter coat on - just a sweater. Sunday we move the clocks forward and that coveted extra hour of daylight will be ours. Again.

Winter hit harder than usual around here this time - that big snow that landed and wouldn't budge - did a number on any number of things: the old recycling bins that now hold basketballs and footballs swelled with snow, froze with ice, expanded, contracted, then cracked down the middle. "Perennials" didn't make it - they need to be uprooted and laid to rest in the yard debris can. And our big front window in the living room got too much moisture smooshed up against it, I guess, when our window boxes filled with snow and were held there against the seams until they simply couldn't withstand the pressure. The seals burst, and our window moves through its day in an interesting pattern of clarity and blurriness.

Just like life.

When the snow was here there was nothing we could do about it - just wait it out. But now it's gone, the damage assessed, and the clean-up begins. Some things are easily fixed. Some things are harder, but still possible.

And some things might just need to remain in an interesting pattern of clarity and blurriness.

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Anonymous said...

Some things are harder, but still possible.


She said...

Oh, I love the extra hour of daylight!

We didn't have much winter, but my patio plants didn't survive and it looks all "ratty" out there and must be addressed SOON.

Yay for SPRING and new beginnings!

Jerri said...

"an interesting pattern of clarity and blurriness." Perfect description of life. Per-fec-tion!

Wanda said...

"And some things might just need to remain in an interesting pattern of clarity and blurriness."

Do we have to?

kario said...

Okay, you just had to post this, didn't you? Now they're predicting more snow for us this weekend. Man!

Seriously, though, I love this post. Love the seals bursting metaphor and as much as I love the idea of clarity and fuzziness, I hate it, too.

Love you.

Angie Ledbetter said...

My own interesting blurry pattern includes my Christmas tree and decorations still being up. Kinda don't notice it after awhile. :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I come here everyday for my shot of balance and thoughtfullness. Your writing is like a breath of fresh air for me and I want to say thank you.

marge said...

Love this post Carrie. I think we are all ready for spring and to see how many seals where broken on our windows over the winter. Spring forward yeah.

kario said...

BTW, you just had to say it, didn't you? Right after "Spring Thaw" was posted, we got another two inches of snow and it's supposed to snow through Tuesday here.

Glad I didn't decide to plant my vegetable garden on Saturday. Guess I'll make another cup of coffee and sit and watch the white stuff fall yet again.

Deb Shucka said...

I love this writing and these thoughts and you!