Tuesday, March 10, 2009


HUGE "Sex and the City" fan here. Own, and have seen, every single episode many, many times. Throw out some "Sex and the City" trivia and I'll blow you away with my encyclopedic knowledge.

Went to the movie the day after it opened. Went with three beautiful friends, two other blonds and a brunette, we were our own version of Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and Carrie (I get to be Carrie, obviously).

Saw the whole movie through their eyes, and especially "my" Carrie's. How DARE Big treat her like that? My outrage lasted for days.

STM was out-of-town on Friday and Rojo was at my mother's, Woohoo was otherwise engaged, so I rented the movie and watched it all over again.

This time alone.

Saw it differently.

Saw it through the eyes of Big, Steve, and Smith. (Still hard to see anything through Harry's eyes, sorry, Charlotte's just too darn happy - where's the conflict?)

Whole different movie.

Went to sleep and couldn't.

Woke up early Saturday morning and got my coffee - watched the whole long movie again before Woohoo woke up.

Whole different movie - squared.

What else am I seeing through old eyes, that needs to be revisited?


kario said...

Oh, crap. You are in an excavating mood, aren't you?


She said...

Great question.

Been seeing myself with different/new eyes for two days now. It's healing and liberating and scary as hell.

No accidents that you wrote about this very thing. I bet it resonates with all of us -- this business of seeing!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Lordy, empathy is a sharp double edged sword, huh, sistuh?

Michelle O'Neil said...

I love that bald Harry. He's just so damn happy. He's totally accepted himself. Steve melts my heart. He's so vulnerable and sweet.

Smith is the stuff fantasies are made of. I call him Jarred when we're alone.

And Big? Hmm. I still haven't forgiven him for Natasha's broken tooth, but I totally forgive Carrie.

pixiemama said...

I always saw myself as a Carrie, but darned if everyone doesn't always point out that I'm not Carrie, I'm Miranda. That chafes me. Carrie is so short and cute and curly haired and she's a funky writer - who curls up in her chair with her laptop! I! Want! To! Be! Carrie! And yet...

I have a lot of perspective trouble. It would be hard for me to see it through the mens' eyes. Maybe I should try harder.


Jerri said...

Perspective changes everything...over and over again.

Who knows what else falls into this category for you, but I sure look forward to hearing about it when you stumble across more.

cheryl said...

I've been working with a Wayne Dyer thought lately....

"Change the way you look at things and the things you look change."

Say that sentence repeatedly about something specific - a job or a relationship - and by golly, you WILL see that thing differently.

Your perception shifts and the world changes. It's magic.

Ask Me Anything said...

Wow! That's a lotta watching-even for you. I hope you made some soup.

jesswilson said...

matt came to that movie with me when it came out in the theater. he made me swear i'd never tell anyone that, so um, our secret, k?

anyway, i stared at the screen, enraptured throughout the entire photo shoot - you know, the scene where they take the photos of carrie in all of the haute couture wedding gowns?

matt was trying to get my attention, but i couldn't (ok wouldn't) stop staring at the screen long enough to look at him. finally, as the scene wound to a close, he whispered to me, 'so, um was that like porn for you? cause i've got to be honest, from where i'm sitting, there was no real need for it in the plot and the whole scene really served no discernible purpose. not to mention that it went on for far too long. basically, i guess what i'm saying is that it struck me as gratuitous fashion. '

alas, some things we just can't explain.

as for big? he. could. have. called.

drama mama said...

A-ha! We have an acting technique called Viewpoints and another called Rashomon that has artists doing specifically that - looking at ALL perspectives.

I love that you get so much from unexpected places.

And for the record, I could probably kick your ass in SATC trivia.

What actor played the Jazz Guy? What else did he appear in?

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

I love doing that - watching - or reading - stuff again and having a different perspective.

If I didn't have kids, I'd be a Carrie. Kidless Carrie. (Although when I take the Which-Character-Are-You quiz, I'm a Samantha. Hmm.)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Oh, Drama Mama - you stumped me on the very first question! I know which guy you're TALKING about, does that count?

drama mama said...

carrie - the musician with A.D.D. that carries dates? the one who "plays" her? craig bierko? no? anyone? anyone?

Deb Shucka said...

Eyes are new every new day. I love that you've gotten to experience that with this movie.

Wanda said...

Standing on a different street corner. Using a different aperture setting. Zoom. Wide angle. Whole. Different. Message.