Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So, today was day eight of driving around looking for the UPS truck so we could wave and let it "feel our energy."

We picked up Woohoo from school today at 3:30, on the way home we had our first sighting. We waved. Furiously. All three of us.

1 hour later UPS showed up at our door. I could have, and almost did, kiss the driver.

We are one Fightin' Blue Hens shirt richer. Only problem? I accidently ordered a women's shirt.

And. You. Can. Totally. Tell.

But he's happy, so I'm happy.


Maddy said...

Oddly enough, one of my sons has just become aware or at least questioning if a t-shirt is 'female.' I've never been that fussed myself, but apparently it's important.

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

YAY!!! It arrived, but LOL about the gender mistake!! too funny!!

pixiemama said...

Ah, and equation even I can handle:
Happy kids = happy mama.

Hurray, Rojo!

jesswilson said...

omg, too funny, but screw it, you have it, he's happy, life is goooooood

(hoping ups guy was at least cute?)

marge said...

oh yeah the shirt arrived. if he doesn't care about the look of the shirt then we should be happy for him. i'm happy for you. go fightin blue hens. i hope he likes dolphins cause i'm goin to send him a ju dolphin shirt so he can cheer mark on cause he needs it.

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Yay for Rojo's shirt! All that energy paid off!

Wanda said...

A happy Rojo makes us all happy. And a happy you does, too.

Jerri said...

I don't know if UPS "felt the energy" but Rojo and I sure did.

This boy's mother and sister join him in waving furiously, hoping to help his needs be met.

Carrie, that's the most valuable thing any family can do. Help us wave down our dreams, I mean. Doesn't really matter whether it's a book contract or a (women's) Fighting Hen t-shirt. What matters is having people on our side, sending out the energy.

Thanks for the reminder.

Teri said...

And, if you weren't waving at YOUR UPS man, think how you may have made his day!

kario said...

Well of course you ordered a women's shirt. It was for you, not him. Now you'll just have to order Rojo another one for him.

BTW, I expect to see you wearing the damn thing when I see you next.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Hooray for the big brown truck!

Michelle O'Neil said...

How did I miss this???

So happy the shirt is there!

Praise UPS from whom all blessings flow.

She said...

Yay for UPS!