Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I've been trying to answer the "Why blog?" question for awhile now. It's not an easy question, and there is no easy answer. Here's where I am with that question today.
Did you watch any of the Emmy's Sunday night? Did you catch Conan O'Brien's opening monologue? He told the audience to keep their acceptance speeches brief. He told them there were some rules, one being, don't thank your parents. "If you had a nurturing childhood, you wouldn' t be in show business!" While that may not be 100% true, the point is well made. Acting is one way people deal with themselves. Many of us from alcoholic homes become gifted actors. Acting is a by-product of our childhood. For those not inclined to act, there are other ways of expressing ourselves, writing being one.
As a teacher I learned about the different ways kids learn. Traditional classrooms teach primarily to the auditory learner. There are many kids that learn visually best, others that learn by "doing", kinesthetic learners. For those of us that need to see our thoughts to know our thoughts, writing is a haven. Writing is a way to process what is in our brains, that can't be processed any other way.
When you take the two, the ability to act and the need to process through writing, blogging is born. I would say that by and large, bloggers are people that like attention and process through writing. While we bloggers are really writing for ourselves, we gain a lot from being "published", if you will.
Bloggers are people that need people. We are the luckiest people in the world.


Suzy said...

All great points, "but not enough has been made" of the workshop Jennifer and you run that "give permission" to people like me that are stuck. You both certainly have a way of opening the "floodgates" by your honest and loving examples.

Jerri said...

You've hit the nail directly on the head, Carrie.

(pardon the d-i-y lingo. force of habit.)

Seriously, I'm finding that the questions I ask myself to write an effective post are the ones I need to answer most. I'm committed to writing the truth, which makes it tough to refuse to let myself know the things I've tried so hard not to know.

Michelle O'Neil said...

I started blogging as a writing practice but find I blog mostly for socialization. Is it fake? Cyber-socialization? Who cares!

It's so frickin' bloggity blog fun!

Lee Wolfe Blum said...

Thanks for this. I sometimes get stuck in the "do I really have anything to say worth saying rut." Being an actress...you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for continuing to give me permission and freedom to want to write...this blogging thing is so new to me and I get stuck by it sometimes.

Ziji Wangmo said...

I started blogging because Jennifer told me to!! Now I do it for a practice and to verbalize an intention or a realization I have had. It's healing in a way to put my truth on the page/screen and let others hear me. That's why I blog. I have also created a little cyber community for myself - a cyber support group.

Jerri said...

Several people have commented on the "cyber community," and wondered if it's real.

Hell yes, it's real.

People (usually women, but that's another story) gather to support one another. That's as real as it gets, folks.

Carrie's work (and Suzy's and Blair's and Michelle's and Lee's) lights the way for others. . .leaves a trail of breadcrumbs for someone else to follow.

According to my yoga teacher, every act of goodness changes the world in fundamental ways we can not see or imagine. Just be sending good into the world.

Just keep writing, all. Just keep writing.

lisajoelle said...

Yes, I guess I do love the limelight - being an actress, I love kareoke, but not necessarily the center of attention. I like to go to parties but prefer being in the corner, kind of anonymous. I suppose that is kind of contradictory. Love your thoughts Carrie, it is so neat to "get to know you", away from the river banks at WUG.

carrie Junkie said...

Girl, I'd read your shopping list...in fact, I got one that you 'dropped" on your way out of Trader Joes and I framed it...over share? The point is, I'll read whatever you write girl!!!