Wednesday, August 23, 2006


My husband had been talking about planting a garden. There was a lot more talk than actual planting, until one day he stuck approximately six seeds in some dirt, and called it "good".

Since that day I have faithfully watered and weeded the "garden". For weeks nothing came up but weeds. Still, I watered, weeded and waited. Out of the blue pumpkins started growing. These puppies started growing at the rate of three feet a day, I swear on a stack of Bibles. I continued to water, weed and whisper to the pumpkins sweet nothings.

Today, standing in the pumpkin "field", as it is now, watering and weeding, literally covered head to toe with mud and scratches, my husband's parents stopped by.

"My! He's quite a gardener!" they exclaimed proudly.

"He stuck three pumpkin seeds in the ground two months ago. That's it," I corrected.

"Well then, he sure has a green thumb! Just look at this! He missed his calling! He should have been a farmer!"

"Yea. I'm sure he'd be quite a farmer if his deep involvement with this pumpkin patch is any indication."

"Absolutely! He'd be the best farmer."

Realizing that I would not be making my point with these people, I simply smiled.

Might I just say this, why is someone else getting credit for my work? Huh? And, more importantly, why am I smiling when I should be planning a parade in my honor?


kario said...

Congratulations on your pumpkin patch! Here's a tip I learned last year: if you scratch something into the skin of the pumpkin as it's little and green, it will scar and grow with the pumpkin. We did one pumpkin with the first letter of each kid's name, but you can do faces or patterns, too. It's pretty cool and the kids love watching them grow.

redhair said...

Hey Carrie, love your blog! Since my nickname with my husband is "punkin pie", I thought I HAD to respond to your pumpkin patch entry! Another tip--watch those vines--we did a pumpkin patch once, and it TOOK OVER and killed part of our lawn!

Another OCD Boy said...

Dear Carrie, I think that you did a wonderful job with the situation, and you should be very proud of your self. I wasn't your falt that his parents were ignorent of your work. Some people are like that. I happen to know a few. . .

Suzy said...

Have you considered "living off the land" and being totally self sufficient? HA! Give me the farmer's market anytime!

lisajoelle said...

You have better restraint than I, I would have been jumping up and down and correcting. Good for you, and how cool to have pumpkins growing, the kids will love it. I wanted to grow somtintaeat (that's something to eat, in George speak), but just have too much going on with the new house, perhaps next year, maybe I can get seeds from the pumpkins you grew!

Anonymous said...

Can I have one of the pumpkins? Maren planted in May and the cat ate it.


Jerri said...

Your entrance to nirvana has been assured, Carrie. No way you're headed for purgatory after the restraint you showed.

Maybe we'll room together. I once did not murder my wasbund in his sleep after this: He put up cove molding in the dining room. He didn't exactly understand compound angles (and I sure didn't at that point), and the whole thing looked awful--the joints were off by a quarter inch in some places.

I later spent almost five days on a ladder, filling those damn holes, while he was on a business trip.

When he came back, he looked at it and said, "Damn, I'm really good!"

No way he didn't know it hadn't looked like that before. No way. And yet no Drano made its way into his pumpkin pie that Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your pumpkins!

Paulie Ana said...

Don't you love being invisible!

Yet another bonus of being a women or is this one of those choices we make by marrying men who are raised by those who only have eyes (and hearts) for their own.

Back At'cha said...

Enough this post over and over again..and then ask yourself...

"does this not say it all!!!"

Ziji Wangmo said...!!!!!!