Sunday, August 06, 2006

  1. When heading out of town to do nothing but write, take the power cord to the computer, and/or extra battery packs.
  2. Next time I buy a computer, make sure it is one that accepts a universal AC adapter and doesn't require over-night delivery.
  3. Next time I spend the extra dough on over-night delivery, read where it says "next business day". Remember that at 6:00 PM Friday night, you are toast until Monday, at least.
  4. Remember, before you cut your trip short due to no computer power, that in the olden days, people used something called paper to write.
  5. Remember how time to read books used to feel like a luxury, and you didn't even own a computer? Try that!
  6. Remember how you used to fantasize about a quiet house, no demands on your time, and nothing to do but sleep? Stop obsessing about the computer and take a nap!
  7. Remember that you love people more than your computer. Say this to yourself until you believe it.
  8. When you think you're going to be able to sneak home, grab the power cord and sneak out before anyone hears/sees/smells you, think again. The jig is up. You're a total loser mom/wife with only one true love in this world, and his name is Dell.
  9. Tell yourself it could always be worse, you could be addicted to heroin, then they'd really have something to complain about.
  10. Tell yourself you'll quit tomorrow, you just need to get through tonight.


Suzy said...

I think you just started a 10 step program for Computer junkies....
I'm with you!
Really great piece!

Carrie Junkie said...

Oh Honey, you are going to be okay!

Jenny Rough said...

Dell? Girlfriend -- you gotta get yourself a Vaio! It changed my life!

Anonymous said...

Get a MAC!

Go Mama said...

Repeat after me,


Reverse Stalker said...

Look, this is it, we need a serious, me, the Mac Store. They have an amazing tea place right next door, we'll grab a cup, catch up on the latest, chuck your Dell into the garbage and bring you into the 21st century! There's a really cool guy there named Ducky too, he'll be good for a laugh (and a future blawg post, I'm sure).

See you there!

Carrie Wanna Be said...

Leave her alone, whatever Carrie wants Carrie should have. If she loves the Dell, she loves the Dell! Don't push her...can't you see she is totally stressed out. BTW, you are a great mom...even if you did successfully sneak out.