Thursday, August 10, 2006

T or F: You laugh harder than anyone at your own jokes.
Tor F: You don't give a shit about what you wear, if you love it, everyone should love it too.
T or F: You march to the beat of your own damn drummer.
T or F: You are opinionated, outspoken and a clanging gong.
T or F: It's your world, and the rest of us just get to live here.
T or F: People have strong feelings about you, love/hate kinda stuff.
T or F: People write mean comments on your blog, but send them anonymously.
T or F: If you don't like something, you'll set out to change it, come hell or high water, and to hell with anyone that stands between you and your goal.
T or F: You would do anything, absolutely anything for a true friend.
T or F: You are a work in progress, and you take this progress very seriously, very loudly, and very openly, possibly ruffling feathers along the way. You don't care.


Suzy said...

Does 9 out of 10 pass or is this just pass/fail?

Carrie Wilson Link said...


90%! You can take an A!

Jenny Rough said...

6 T, 4 F. You should see my shitty outfit of the day. My much beloved shitty outfit, that is.

Go Mama said...

I have yet to receive a mean post on my blog, anonymous or otherwise, because I just don't have the readership some people do... yet.

And, while it IS my world in a way, I like to think I share it with all of us, for better or for worse, even if I want to kick some people to the curb from time to time, or at least tell them to get outta my way.

That being said, I would have to say T to every other point, especially the loud part. Piece 'o Cake.

Anonymous said...

I have 9/10.

It took me a very long time to learn that just because people don't agree with me (which they should) - it doesn't make them mean. And that you can hate another person's opinion, but still love them very dearly because you know there heart.

Anonymous said...

Sorry....their heart.

Terry Whitaker said...

All my co-workers thought you did that one in honor of me for my birthday. I told them you did (of course!)

Lee Wolfe Blum said...

uh oh...I got all T's...well sorduv. The thing about my clothes is I dress preppy as can be, eventhough my inside isn't that way. I just love love love anything Ralph Lauren! And I was a theatre major...I really stuck out like a sore thumb in the theatre dept. know what...didn't care :) love my collars up and my khaki bermuda's! :) Loved this post Carrie. You are so stinkin funny. Oh - and hate those flipping anonymous bloggers!!

jennifer said...

1) T.
2) Change to...don't give dog doo doo...and T.
3) T. Whole band baby! One drummer doesn't cut it!
4) T&F
5) It's everyone's world, enough to go around!
6) to say "they don't forget me!"
7) F...or if they do, I send a prayer and delete. I mostly get stalkers...
8) F. Can't change the world, can only change me!
10) Girl you are just outrageous!! I can’t answer this one, I can only laugh at how funny you are!!

Carrie Junkie said...

If you wrote the list, sign me up true for every single one! You rock!

Carrie Wanna Be said...

Me TOO!!

Who the hell is Carrie Stalker...get her off your site.

Anonymous said...

Was there aanyone in particular you were thinking of when you wrote this blog or is it a combination of all your favorite friends? There are some pretty interesting people(friends) that fit many of statements. Gotta love a person that scores 9/10.