Friday, August 21, 2009


Been hating my pillow(s) for awhile. Say, oh, about 10 years. Yesterday Rojo and I went to "Little Target" to check the mg. of sodium on 12 items, and I decided that was the day I would splurge on a new pillow.

And here's the big news: I did not buy the one for $5.99. Nor the one for $7.99. Not even the one for $19.99. No. I bought the MOST EXPENSIVE ONE THEY HAD IN THE WHOLE FLIPPIN' STORE, $39.99. High quality down with 100% cotton covering.


Slept like the dead last night and I swear to hell, my head has never rested more comfortably.

About 2:00 AM I woke up with what I thought at the time was something SO profound, I made myself switch on the light, searched around for paper and wrote it down. Then I rolled back over on my delicious pillow and slept four more blissful hours.

This morning I woke to see what brilliance I'd written down: Destroy with nothing all the feathers God has plucked.

Today I think it just has a lot to do with my down pillow and not a lot to do with anything else.


Go Mama said...

Congrats Carrie. You deserve a night on air.
I felt the same way last summer when I converted to natural latex...mattress and pillows. Heaven. So worth it.

I swear to hell, why do we wait so long to splurge on ourselves?

Kathryn said...

Okay, I have to tell you I did the same thing. Down is KING!!

So funny what is profound at say 3 AM.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Good for you! Glad you treated yourself. I got a lovely bamboo pillow there last year, after years and years of a horrible flat one.

Jenny said...

That is so funny - I love it.

Nancy said...

Allergic to feathers and jealous!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Is it okay to hear that quote in the voice of Doc on Back to the Future? Jim from Taxi?

"Destroy with nothing all the feathers God has plucked!"

Deep, man.

pixiemama said...

Oh, for the love of a good pillow.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Glad you're resting easy. Bought the hubs a "Memory Foam" pillow and he loves it. (I ask him all the time if it remembers him.) :)

Wanda said...

Lovely, heavenly sleep. Good deal.'s a little too poetic for me to groc. Guess I'm a bit too literal this morning.

Got a translation for me?

Deb Shucka said...

Nothing better than a night of deep sleep. Only ten years?

That sentence sounds like a poem. :-)

Jerri said...

I swear to're deep, girl.

Suzy said...

Need a pillowcase?

Drama Mama said...

You deserve a bed of all down.

A flippin' suit, for Crissakes.

Funny, the quote? I thought that the rest of you were getting something that I was missing; that it was too deep for lil' ole me.

How 'bout those sodium counts?

Michelle O'Neil said...

I think you should name your new pillow. Fluffy? Too predictable?

How about Plucky?

No too abrasive sounding.

How 'bout Heather the Feather?

Okay, I'll stop.

That's what you get for not having a new post up today.

jesswilson said...

so i had this 'friend' yeah, that's it a friend, yup, a friend who was so attached to her pillows that before she had kids she wouldn't travel without them. yup, wouldn't leave home without em.

i - er, um, i mean, she was a real fanatic. so i, um she would really get this story.

deb said...

I don't know which is funnier, that you're checking out the mg of sodium in 12 items or your profound thoughts.

My bed is my haven, it's what I will spend my money on. I love sleeping. Glad you had a good night's sleep.