Friday, August 07, 2009


Took both kids to the dentist yesterday, they had piggy back appointments, so one went in and then 20 minutes later the next went in, one came back and 20 minutes later the other came back. That gave me 20 free minutes in between in which to devour an old article on Jon and Kate's struggles in People magazine, which I always sheepishly love reading, but am too cheap to actually buy.

I'd finished the Jon & Kate article and was reading about Sarah Jessica Parker's twin girls when the receptionist called me up to schedule the kids' next appointments. I had left the magazine open and in my seat. When I returned to my seat a mother with a toddler and an infant was reading MY magazine! I was pissed! WHO DOES THAT?

The baby started crying so she stood up, baby on one hip swaying back and forth, offering crayons to the toddler 1 foot away, reading MY magazine.

The toddler kept Mommy-ing her, and she ignored him in favor of reading MY magazine. Finally the toddler said, "Mommy, what are you doing?

She said, "Trying to finish the same article I was reading yesterday when we were here."

So you see, it really was her magazine. She needed it far more than I did.


Anonymous said...

oh carrie .. how do you do it, time and again?

this is perfection

Drama Mama said...

Oh my heck.

I think this is my favorite Carrie Posts. EVER.

Except for the Rojo ones. (hint, hint)

Carrie Wilson Link said...


Hatching a Rojo post. Promise. It'll be a goody, too

Maddy said...

So glad the carrying days are over, finally.

Wanda said...

Perspective, huh?

Michelle O'Neil said...

How funny.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

It's like that sometimes. xoxo

Amber said...

LOL! Bless her heart.


Jerri said...

Oh my hell of God, this made me laugh.

kario said...

I love you.

Really, I do.

Anonymous said...