Thursday, August 13, 2009


First it was Rojo's desire to return to the Children's Museum, then he started asking me to help him count slug bugs again. Each time we put one foot out the door he'd start in. "Mom, we are going to count slug bugs. We are going to find 18 slug bugs. We are going to look until we find 18 slug bugs, and then we can come home."

Well, ask and ye shall receive.

Damned if we don't go out into the world and find the exact number of slug bugs he's after. They come out of flippin' nowhere. Seriously. It's comical. Just yesterday we drove less than five miles and saw 12, and better yet, five of them were red, the preferred color.

Still needing to get six more in, I went in search of a big parking lot. It was a lovely day and we were exceedingly bored, so I parked and we got out. As is his habit (from years of screaming at him to do just this), he freezes by his side of the car and waits for me to come over and take his hand before stepping one foot away.

And so it was that we walked hand-in-hand throughout the parking lot on a just-right summer day, killing time, looking for (red) slug bugs.


But then he said, "Mom? Can we find a blue two?"

Blue twos were something I thought we'd packed away and would not be bringing back.





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jess wilson said...

funny - in my world they're punch buggies. either way, i'm thinking a vw dealer. must. find. local. dealer. with lots of bugs on the lot.

and yes.

hearing you.



pixiemama said...

Here it's PT Cruisers, blue is the preferred color, and my mother is to blame, since she brought this dreadful car to our home of OCD. Well, actually it's probably my father's fault, since he chose the car and mom agreed because she could get into and out of it fairly easily. Either way. "Red PT Cruiser, check!" "White PT Cruiser, check." "BLUE PT CRUISER, CHECK!!!"

Here's hoping that back to school means away from this reality for ALL of us.

Jerri said...

Love the story of blue twos. Love red bugs. Love you.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Hmm.... I wonder what's going on here? He's readdressing a former stage of development. Maybe as he's turning teen he needs some reassurance. Interesting.

Maybe he's helping his mom find her story.


drama mama said...

for us, it's not cars.

here, it's obscure musicals that are no longer in print.





handing over

to you.

Ask Me Anything said...

Regression is so much fun!

Wanda said...

I drove a red VW Super Beetle. It was to die for. Loved. That. Car.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I'm so glad you linked to the Blue Twos post - everything about it resonated with me. And this post too. God help me if Nigel asks me to sing him the "Happy Dream Song" ever again. I had to sing it to him every night before bed for six yeeeeaarrs. I only stopped two years ago, so it's still fresh in his mind.

kario said...

Love that you two are processing this next enormous change in your lives by revisiting some of your old familiar habits.

I'll look for blue twos on my cruise. ;-)

Deb Shucka said...

Red Slugs. Blue Twos. And a rainbow of color for September, which will be here soon.

Nancy said...

Seems to me Red Bugs + Blue Two's = Mom & Rojo hand in hand on a beautiful summer day. Sounds like the perfect equation.

She said...

You are an AWESOME mom.