Monday, August 03, 2009


The intense dreams continue. Had one last night that seemed to go on for hours. Long story short, some man had a 2x4 and was destroying my house, I yelled (to God knows who), "CALL 911!" Next thing you knew I was out on the curb holding a toddler girl, my daughter, and waiting for the authorities to come pick her up and take her away - I couldn't handle her anymore. She'd been bad, and she needed to be sent away.

Some motor home came to get her and I spent a long time getting the lay of the land, because after all, I'm a good mother, and I don't just send my "bad" toddler girl off with just anyone! The motor home had a few other kids and some elderly people - all the family members that got too tough to handle at home. The man running the show at first wore a tattered suit, then later I noticed he'd changed into a rubber Halloween costume.

And still I considered leaving my little girl with this man.

But I didn't.

At the end of the dream I reconsidered and took my little girl back home.

Can't talk now - gotta make an appointment with the nearest shrink.


Anonymous said...

you're seeing your girl growing up? the greater, bigger world looms? you will send her out into it at some point, but no, not yet?

either that or maybe you need new shoes. no, there's really no connection, i just always like to find excuses to buy new shoes.


Anonymous said...

wow. i love dreams. i'm certainly not sure what they mean always but they are so fascinating!!!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I like Jess's interpretation. It makes sense (including the part about shoes. Or maybe you just need a margarita.) That was quite a dream!

kario said...

Wow. Feeling out of control, spending time to do "what you do" and examine the situation, and making an informed decision.

Sit with it.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Marianne Williamson says abut dreams, "Somtimes it was just the onions."

Wanda said...

Taking your little girl back home (yes, part of you).

NOT doing what the culture at large would have you do--send away the "bad" ones (not "bad behavior" but culture calls them "bad ones").

Defining your own culture and values, then following that.

Owning yourself--reclaiming yourself--loving yourself--parenting yourself even when it's hard.

More? Probably.

Love to hear what your shrink says.

She said...

Wow! I do like Jess' take on it! Seems fairly accurate. Whoohoo is changing her room, making bigger decisions, creating her own space.

Amber said...

Eww, creepy stress dreams. Booo!!


Deb Shucka said...

Love your dreams. Love that you kept that girl. Love you.