Friday, June 20, 2008







An absolute must for everyone I know that is raising teenage daughters!

And what a writer! OMG. "I was in limbo, and limbo is nice because no one asks you any questions, and no one wonders where you're going or where you've been, and life is one big dancing bear Grateful Dead sticker on the window of an old Volvo."

But, after reading all about Madness, Marya's book chronicaling the 10 years since she wrote Wasted, and her alcoholism and bipolar disorder, I need something a little lighter, so I'm reading this, instead:

I do love me some irony.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are reading something lighter, for your next book. Madness is so INTENSE and painful to read. Great writing, amazing book, but so depressing and intense. A must read, but not after Wasted. A wise, wise choice.

Happy reading.

Anonymous said...

You.Need.To. Stop. Writing. Like.
This. It. is. SOOO. Annoying!

Deb said...

It's all about balance, isn't it?

It looks like you've tipped the liz right out of balance. How fun is that? =)

Jerri said...


And those one word sentences? Use 'em if you've got 'em.

questionsaboutfaith said...

We have a 13 year old son going on 16. All the pressures of parenthood. WOW. He is doing a lot of testing and is at the stage where he doesn't want to be seen with his parents anymore. Today he demanded to go to the village celebration all day.
As long as you are home for supper.

"Oh Mom Oh Dad, that's not fair!"

Drama Mama said...

I was just looking at those two books yesterday!

As soon as I finish my new David Sedaris...and stop peeing my pants.