Thursday, June 19, 2008


Operation Solitude was interrupted slightly for two good exceptions, Gayle and Andrea. I broke from my reverie in the hammock and met Gayle for coffee during the day, and Andrea for a beer in the evening. Gayle used to be the secretary at my kids' school, but moved over here a few years ago and hasn't looked back. During the years Gayle was there, Rojo had to go to the office for medication daily, and so he and Gayle got to be buds. Any bud of Rojo's is a bud of mine, and vice-versa. It's really as simple as that, love my kid? I love you. Don't love my kid? Watch out.

Andrea is the daughter of one of the teachers at the school, the liz, the person that first urged me to blog and reads this one faithfully, and frequently comments under the pseudonym, "Anonymous." She is 24 and just moved over to this part of the world two weeks ago.

So great to see and connect again with people that have been instrumental in my life. Touchstones.

On the way back home I had the most gorgeous view of the sun setting on the Cascade Mountains, the full moon up high in the sky. Mercury comes out of retrograde today - I don't know a lot about astrology, but I do know that when Mercury is in retrograde it messes with everything, and I am fully expecting today to have a settling effect on "things."

While Mercury settles down I look towards my day of more hammock time, more reading and understanding of addictions, and a few naps sprinkled throughout. And when my brain needs a rest and my eyes need a feast, I will look up from my book and out at this:
Life, it doesn't get any better than this.


Anonymous said...

You live up to your name. You are a link.

Kathryn said...

How wonderful you have this hammock, this place of rest.

I am celebrating Mercury coming out of retrograde...since it showed up, my back went out, my tooth needs a root canal, my husband had a wisdom teeth pulled, we almost broke up and communication broke down with all family members.

We are getting some relief today as all seems right with the world again. :)

Jennifer in OR said...

Hey! I appreciate the link to my sunset! I captured that earlier this year on a "perfect day" as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie,
What a great way to spend "your time." Reconnecting with old friends and hanging in the hammock, taking in the view.

I have a question for you, looking back over the year, what was the biggest risk you took?

Enjoy your time. You inspire me.

Jenny said...


Jerri said...

This pic is why I love the Pacific NW.

Go Mama said...

Beautiful Carrie. Enjoy the connections, the bounty and the feast.

Sue said...

Are you wearing pearls while doing hammock time?

riversgrace said...

So glad you are taking care of business - coffee, beer, hammock. Perfect.

From the Ashland sunset, missing you.

Terry Whitaker said...


Anonymous said...

Mercury comes out of retrograde today but actually, you can feel the effects for up to three days after

Deb said...

If you can have this perfection while Mercury is messing with minds, just think what the rest of the summer will bring!