Friday, June 27, 2008

Eugene is hosting the '08 Olympic Track & Field Trials, and we are going! The whole fam damily will be there for the next 3 days - it's an exiting thing for us: I grew up in Eugene, Oregon, "Tracktown, USA" and my husband ran at University of Oregon. Eugene also hosted the trials in 1972, when legendary runner Steve Prefontaine made history. Everything that's right about Eugene will be in full swing, and so will we. All four of us. Lord. Have. Mercy.


holly said...

Yay for Pre! and Yay for you. I heard a great story this morning on Tracktown USA and Pre and the Olympic Trials. Have Fun!

Deb said...

Sending love and light your way.

I just learned that I have a former student, Kate Burton, competing in the hammer throw there this weekend. Pretty cool, huh?

Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

Jerri said...

Can't wait for the stories.

Traveling mercies to you, friend.

Jenny said...

Have fun!

Lolita said...

"last call for the human race!" STM will be in heaven with his family.
Have a great time.