Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Made someone laugh the other day, told her I was "aggressively letting go" of a situation.

"Can you do that?" she asked, nearly spitting out her herbal tea, "be aggressive, while letting go?"

Hmmmm... probably not. Could explain why my approach isn't working so well.


paul maurice martin said...

I think you can and may even have to at first; later it gets easier.

The Buddha spoke of "getting rid of" harmful thoughts and feelings, so that's pretty aggressive... At least that's how it was translated in a book I read by Walpola S Rahula, who I think was one of his close disciples or possibly his son if memory serves...

Anonymous said...

Letting go of a difficult situation is never easy, aggressive or passive. I think surrendering and just being with the feelings works best. Not so easy.

Wishing you the wisdom to do what is right for you. Deep down, that little voice will guide you. Keep listening to it.


riversgrace said...

You just get there any way you can, my dear.


Jerri said...

"aggressively letting go"

Is that like "quietly making noise"?

Any way you get there, Carrie. Any way at all.

Jess said...

You allow people to drink herbal tea in your presence?